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So I had my soul stolen today D:



Conventions. I just love them. I've been lucky enough to do a 3 day even with both Comic-Con in San Diego and Wondercon in Anaheim and I've attended the Los Angeles Anime Convention and the smaller Morphin-Con which is for Power Ranger fans. I've been pretty lucky in being able to meet some of my favorite actors ranging from:



Sid Haig


Richard Epcar (Jigen from Lupin the III, Raiden, and The Joker in MK vs DC)


And Doug Bradley (PinHead from Hellraiser)


I've met Elvira, the cast of Mystery Science Theater, Bill Mosely, Bruce Campbell, and the Black Ranger to name a few. However, today at the small C4 convention, I got to meet two of my favorite characters when it comes to the video game world. The first is Lester Speight who is better known as Cole Train from Gears of War.


I wasn't able to get a photo with him at the time but I did record this video for my friends who were not able to make the convention.




He was really cool; very easy going and approachable. Dude is also HUGE! His hand literally swallowed mine up when we shook hands - and I am no small fry either. He was also very friendly and just fun to talk to. He autographed my copy of Gears of War 2 also :D



The second person I met was the sole reason I even decided to attend this convention. Back in the mid 1990s, Mortal Kombat ruled the world and this was one of the most talked about movies at the time. I remember seeing the behind the scenes interviews, how the CGI was utilized, the controversy about the game series itself, and interviews with the cast. This is, to date, my favorite Video-Game movie of all time and I got to meet the man himself...



Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

(for the record; I don't know how to smile on queue when taking photos :\ So I either grimace or look angry)


Shang FREAKIN TSUNG! Oh man, when I first saw him, I was uber nervous. I mean for one, he was a total badass as Shang Tsung. Seriously; no one else could play Tsung as well as Cary did. Secondly, this guy is a serious martial artist and that is just hardcore!


He was VERY laid back. Seriously; he talked about the MK web-series and how professional and hungry the cast and crew are to make this live up to the MK legacy, he hinted a new MK movie is in the works (Though he says never trust Hollywood when it comes to releases!)


But the coolest thing of all...





Now if I could only meet Ed Boon, Miyamoto, and Suda 51 - my gamer life could be considered complete!


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