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The Generation of Ideas: The Begining



Originally I was going to do a couple of entries about how it is possible to pull worldbuilding ideas and information from the previous generations of My Little Pony, when I realized something.


I don't really remember the previous generations well enough to do this.


I remember the first TV movie with the dueling rainbows, but past that point it starts to get vague. If I'm going to tackle this topic competently, I'm going to need to... oh god.


Weep for me, dear readers. For I am going to do something dangerous. I'm going to watch all of My Little Pony, from the beginning. All of it, including *shudder* Generation 3.5.


Now, I'm not going to really review the episodes. Especially not in the 'angry nerd' presentation that is so popular right now. That's not the way I think. I am in no way qualified to judge the quality of the stories or characterizations, and I'm especially not qualified to judge how suitable the stories are for their intended audiences. What I'm going to do is watch with the eye of a hobbyist anthropologist and try to glean bits and pieces of information that will help inform worldbuilding within the *franchise* of My Little Pony, and pass those bits of information on to you. And using a bit of educated fiddlybits, maybe I can put together some examples of how that information can be used.


To keep this blog clear for those who are actually following it just for my worldbuilding essays, I'm going to put my notes I take from watching the episodes in a separate blog, and only put the compilations of my findings in this one.


I just counted them up. If I include doing Gen 4 shows, and count mini-episodes as individuals... we're talking 183 episodes in total.


No time to waste, let's get started. Rescue at Midnight Castle


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