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My Bucket List

Skye Starlight


I'm not dying, I'm still young... Why would I need a bucket list? I don't... But there are things I want to do in my lifetime. Now, these aren't necessarily easy tasks, nor may they quick to achieve. Most of these, however, aren't all that risky or thrill seeking. In fact, many of these things are quite safe, although not easy things to do.


So, let's get onto my list!


1. Create a Senbazuru (Thousand Paper Cranes)

2. Go to a Convention (Gaming or Ponies, either would be awesome!)

3. Travel the world (Europe, America and Japan!)

4. See Area 11 live (*Insert me squeeing over Sparkles* here*)




What? I'm still working on it!


Okay, so these four small thing are just the little parts of life I want to achieve. I feel like I can rest easy having done them.


I've already calculated that it only takes about 5 minutes per crane, which totals 12 an hour. 1 hour each weekday + 3 hours on weekends = 132 a week, 528 a month. It would only take 2 months!


Going to a convention is obviously going to happen. All I need is money now! Same with seeing Area 11! In fact, I may end up doing both at the same time!


Travelling the world is what I'm really going to have to work for. That's a lot of money to spend! Although I don't need to visit them all in one trip, and I have a long life ahead of me, it's still going to be a challenge.


Lucky I'm good with money...

I'll report back when I've completed one of these tasks.

I'll be reporting back anyway so... Whatever!


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