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Skye Starlight


2 amazing weekends in a row... This is awesome!


I know, this one isn't done yet, but there's no-one around to disturb my peace... I'll get back to that later.


So, last weekend was my best friend's birthday party! I shall separate it into parts so that you don't get confused...


I'll just give all of us really weird names which aren't our own so that you don't know who we are...


Skye (me), Wendy (My best friend who's birthday we were celebrating), Hazel, Zoe, Jade, Casey (My best friend's boyfriend), Kelly, James (Kelly's boyfriend), Karen, Gilbert, Mitch and Max. Along with my mum (who shall be referenced as such) That's everyone who's going to be mentioned in this tale.


Friday Night: Movie Night.


I arrive at my best friend's house, ready for a night of fun with her and a few other friends. It was a celebration of her 17th birthday, which was really going to happen on Tuesday.


So I turn up and Zoe is already there helping Wendy prepare the food for the evening. I join in making homemade spring rolls, the last thing on the menu left to prepare. Once that's done, we chill for a while. Hazel and Jade turn up eventually and they end up deciding that we're going to do James and Casey's make up. They were also going to do mine...


So Casey turns up with his gifts, a cute teapot and a cake. We have dinner (The spring rolls were awesome!) then we start the first movie of the night! Mean Girls! Which, being a 17 year old girl, I hadn't seen! The girls just stared at me in disbelief. It wasn't a bad movie... I found it quite hilarious actually, how well it depicts real high-school. Or, at least, how high-school girls act towards each other.


After the movie ends, James arrives. I'd met him once before, but I'd not actually talked to him. At this point the girls manage to whisk Casey off to the bathroom. They didn't give him a full blown makeover, really only working on his eyebrows. In the mean time, James and I talked, mostly about how much we didn't want to have makeovers.


So, after a brief period of tension, we attempt to start the second movie... It doesn't work so we look through the channels for a horror movie... We find one, called and watch it... It's gory and confusing.


After that, the boys go home and us girls decide that we need some nightmare retardant. Cue us watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!


Jade fell asleep early during the movie and towards the end Hazel couldn't stop laughing. Something about a chicken?


After that we all went to bed...


Saturday: Beach gathering

Hazel and Zoe headed home before Jade, Wendy and I all went to the beach. We grabbed some food from the store for a barbecue and soon arrived at our destination. We waited a while before Gilbert showed up, followed soon after by Casey, Mitch, James and Kelly! Everyone except Casey, Jade and I go for a swim before we fire up the barbie and get cooking! Or so we thought. We'd forgotten the oil, so we used lemonade instead...


It worked at least. Karen was the last to turn up. It had been a while since I'd seen her as she'd left my current school at the end of last year. She'd been in my Biology class. It was nice to catch up.


So after hanging with them all day, I went home. That's where all interesting occurrences ceased so I'll leave it at that. It was awesome actually doing something on the weekend rather than my normal routine...


Friday the 13th: Not so unlucky

Mum and Max leave for my cousin's wedding. I'm left to fend for myself for 3 nights, and I couldn't be happier about it. School was great too, so I have nothing to complain about this day! Added bonus of having one of the Yogscast staff reply to me on twitter (I need to update my profile) so... Yeah... Everyone must have drawn the bad luck away from me! Also, Butter Chicken for dinner! Yum!


Saturday: Origami Cranes

All this peace for me to exert my own presence over. I can sing and dance without anyone complaining. I couldn't be happier!


Boredom set in quickly... Which is what caused me to turn the volume up on my computer and dance to some of my favorite songs... And then I found inspiration.


Area 11's song Bosozoku Symphonic has 5 movements. My favorite happens to be movement 2, named Senbuzaru. A senbuzaru is a thousand paper cranes...


So I started making paper cranes, for no reason other than I wanted to make paper cranes... Now I can't stop! They're amazing little things! I have 4 now but they're going to multiply... I'll take one to school on Monday and show my friends. Maybe I'll give Wendy one as a gift! Because I still haven't given her a gift...


And that concludes my amazing twin weekends thus far... I doubt it could get much better, but we'll see!



Skye Starlight Out!


Note: Didn't mean for it to be so long... Wow... Just wow...

I don't doubt that people stopped reading part way through...

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