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A sparkling example of an accidental innuendo

Skye Starlight


Just a little tale of what happened to me in class today...


Firstly, to ensure this makes sense, I must tell you something:


I have a minor crush on the lead singer of Area 11. His stage name is Sparkles* and my best friend knows I like him. Which is what caused this amusing situation.


So for a senior project kind of thing, for my home economics class, we each make a patch and it gets stitched together into a quilt-like thing.


So, I go about drawing a few things on mine before using glitter glue and making it pretty! Me and my best friend start conversing.


Friend: Your patch is so pretty! I really like the glitter!

Me: Well, you know how much I love sparkles!

Friend: Heh, yeah...


A few minutes later, I'm nearly finished, and I notice just how much of a mess I made with the glitter. This followed:


Me: *absentmindedly* I have sparkles all over me...

Friend: W-What?

Me: I have sparkles... Oh...

Friend: You'd like that wouldn't you?

Me: Um, yeah?

*Both of us burst out laughing*

Friend: I can't believe you just said that, especially after you pointed out how much you love sparkles!

Me: I know...


Best lesson ever.

I finished my patch too. It looks awesome! I might get a pic at some point and post it here!

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That probably made me laugh out loud as much as you did with your friend, XD


Twas very amusing... I was half dying of embarrassment, half dying of laughter...

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