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A very bad week to come...

Skye Starlight


Except for the weekend. That's going to be awesome.


So, tomorrow is the QCS test. Stands for Queensland Core Skills test. It tests our intellectual skills like analysing, evaluating, creating, understanding... And it's hard. It doesn't affect our grades though. No, it only pits us against every other student in the state to help rank the schools. Which helps rank us at the end of the day.


So, after this, our grades, along with our subject's ranking in comparison to others and our school's ranking against the state determines our OP. The better your OP, the more likely you are to get into the uni course of your choice.


So, obviously, we need to do our best. They put a lot of pressure on this test, generally causing a lot of chaotic stress in the entire cohort of grade 12's across Queensland.


It also doesn't help that we sit it in the middle of assessment season. I have 4 pieces of assessment to do right now, and I have to worry about this test too!


And today, the result of this stress has become more evident. My grades are slipping across the board. The maths exam I took last week netted me a C-. My English exam, which I thought I'd aced, brought me a D+ (barely!), and my Home Economics project was the same... And anything less than a C- is a failing mark. Of course, they average out our marks at the end of semester for each criteria, leaving us with a 3 mark set. I cannot get more than 1 D+ criteria per subject, else I fail. So now I must work even harder, and there's even more stress... This is getting out of control...


So... G'night from a Queensland student.

I gotta turn in early and get my rest...


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