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My Younger Brother and his Internet Dilemma

Skye Starlight


Oh how I hate my younger brother. He's the bane of my existence, that he is. He's rarely done me any good, particularly with how great I am to him. He eats all the food in the house, he uses all the internet and he's always bugging me about space, like as if he doesn't have enough when I have less than him!


And it's his fault I'm now in a situation that I can't do flippin anything on the internet!


We've been limited to 3 hours of 360p YouTube, but he's a quality hog (refusing to watch anything in less than 480p) and an internet junkie. He's almost always playing on whatever Minecraft server he's on, using up even more internet, and he watches YouTube on the tablet we've got too, so that when I'm on my computer, he's using all the flippin internet! Doesn't help that he's been staying up really late, without supervision. I wouldn't be surprised if he's breaking the rules we've been set, because that's what he does with the food!


Also, he's a flipping madman. He's bigger, stronger and more aggressive than I will ever be.


But for now, I've just got to take it as is.

If we run out of internet, then we're going to be "throttled" which essentially means our speed will slow considerably. The fact that I'm extremely patient may mean that I won't have that much of an issue, but he will be flamin mad if it happens. He won't take an "It's your fault though." Not from mom, not from me. I'll just have to ride out the storm or sit here and wait until the storm has passed in front of me.


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