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Beyond Sibling Rivalry

Skye Starlight


Gah! My younger brother is the worst!

After 3 days of keeping internet usage down, because we were kinda close to our download limit, my younger brother gave up and started splurging. So, in the space of 2 days, the data usage went from 2 Gigabytes a day to over 10! Our limit for the month is 200, but 5 days ago, we'd somehow managed to get to 160, probably because both my brother and I are on holidays, and love YouTube and the internet. Now, there are 5 days left, and we have no broadband internet data left. So we've been slowed considerably, to the point I can't watch YouTube anymore. Which is annoying because I had kept my internet usage down. I had exercised self control, but I had no idea of what my brother was using. He'd been the one to suggest the 3 hours YouTube limit. I'd thought it unfair because I wasn't the one who'd caused this, but I went with it because I didn't want to have the internet throttled. And then he goes and breaks his limit. He used up all the data I had been rationing. And I'm not happy.


It's like how he eats all the stuff he's no supposed to. The stuff that is meant to be given to us kids as a treat, he finds and eats. All of it. He ate all the Vanilla crispellos (chocolate covered wafers with fudge filling), which were my favorites, without asking and without having them given to him.


It's like he has no respect for the value of things.


And then he has the nerve to go and blame me. Me. Miss obedient and kind. But because my mum knows I'm much more obedient, I'm the favorite. He gets good marks, but is horrible to me and my mum. He complains, he doesn't do what he's asked. Whenever I tell him that we have to do something, he'll just complain and sit there until I've nagged him even more. Asking nicely doesn't work with him.


Part of it, I think, is because he's bigger than both of us. Because of his size and his attitude, he thinks he can do whatever he wants. He thinks that the wisdom and caring that my mother and I show him makes us submissive. I generally am. I'm obedient, it's what I do. I prefer to avoid confrontation, and doing what others want me to is the best way to do it. There are times when I'll draw the line. I'll only do what I'm told if either I trust the other person, or I think it might be a good idea too and just didn't think of it myself.


Generally, I put a lot of trust in my teachers, that they're teaching me the right stuff and that what they say I should be doing, I really should be, I trust my mum and dad because their my parents, they've been looking out for me since I was born, and I know they wants the best for me. I trust my older brother, because I've learnt to go to him when I need help. He's beaten video-game bosses for me, taught me how to play games and sometimes protected me from my younger brother. They've always had my best interest in mind.


My younger brother never had my best interest in mind. He's gotten in the way of my growth. He's become power hungry. He values money most, family last. He just doesn't care about me. Particularly me, because he and I have never gotten on. We've always fought over something. Now, we have so little in common. We can hardly talk. He wants nothing to do with me, and that's fine, except that we live in the same house, we share a room and we have to share food and internet. Lucky me, I'll be gone in 6 weeks. Thank the universe for that. Finally able to move to my father's place with my brother. Gotta get a job though. And I'd better start searching soon. But having a job, will be so much better than living in this nightmare. At least I'll get paid for the stress it causes.


Note to self: If my younger brother ever comes crawling to me for money or a place to stay, send him through hell to get it. If my older brother does, let him in, but bug him to get a job.


In other news, it's a beautiful day. My mum and I were thinking about taking my younger brother out for a picnic. He'd hate that, but it'd be good for him. He's only been outside twice in the two weeks we've had off, both times in the early evening, when the light of day is fading.


I'd love to get outside, but I want someone with me. Maybe my mum and I can go together. Mother daughter time?


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