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Too Many Pinkie Pies



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Too Many Pinkie Pies (November 17th 2012, 22 minutes)


Summary: Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!


Twilight specifies that this transformation spell is more difficult than an average spell and at the edge of her capability. However, it seems to work even when she's tackled during the casting. However, the resulting transformation is not quite right. So the transformation itself isn't that hard, but there are boundaries and restrictions that Twilight is trying to apply to the spell during casting that is the trouble?


Rainbow Dash doing some weather management. Quite dense and localized fog at that.


You know, I'm sure Lotus and Aloe would do quite a deal with Fluttershy to have a 'butterfly grove session' as an option for the spa.


Are the tables in front of the café actual mushrooms, or are they just made to resemble mushrooms?


Pinkie, despite being random, seems to know off the top of her head more legends that turn out to be accurate than Twilight does. Parasprites, Mirror Pool, so on and so forth. Are they all from 'Nana Pinkie'? Wait, Nana Pinkie? Nana is short for Nanny, but it's also slang for your mother's mother. Was there prior Pinkie Pies? Assuming the Pie family descends maternally rather than our usual paternally, of course.


I like the effect on the Mirror Pool.


The Mirror Duplicates are physical duplicates, but emotionally and mentally something's wrong. The clones seem to have picked up what Pinkie desired for them to do, but that's about it. It's like everything else is scrambled. Did the mirror pool actually duplicate Pinkie, or did it give Pinkie's shape to some kind of simple spirit like a doppelganger?


Hay juice? Technically, it doesn't get to be called hay until it's dried, so it can't have a high enough fluid content to produce juice, so this must be some form of slang, possibly for iced tisane. Tisane is the technical name for herbal teas, because they don't have any actual tea plant in them so they're not really 'teas'. Oh! This could be the local term for iced barley water. Barley water used to be a very popular and ancient drink, going back past Ancient Greece, but was still popular in the 1920's in America. Never had it myself, so I don't know why it fell out of favor.


So... again, that wasn't in Pinkie's mind. Rainbow Dash saw that too. Pinkie Pie can change the rate she falls at will, but this is not a skill any other Earth Pony has.


Duplicates of duplicates may be further 'deteriorated', but I'm not sure.


What's this book doing hidden away in the library?


And nobody notices the one Pinkie Pie acting different from the others? That really doesn't say good things about her friends. The rest of the Pinkies had one emotional setting and one reaction to any stimuli. Yet the single depressed Pinkie, which both Spike and Rainbow Dash mentioned as behaving differently from the rest isn't even considered?


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