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30 Random facts about Sir Jackleberry.




Kinda like those question things ... but I didn't feel like doing that, so instead I'm listing completely random facts about myself off the top of my head (pretty much inspired by this thread). Let's get started. ;)


~1. I'm 16.


~2. I'm about 6'3.


~3. My top favourite ponies right now are Rarity, and Fluttershy.


~4. My current favourite song is '

' by Tristam.


~5. My favourite sodie pop (yes I'm calling it that) is Barq's Root Beer. A&W Root Beer is pretty darn good as well.


~6. My favourite snack is ... um ... chips I suppose, Lay's ketchup flavoured.


~7. My favourite food is Domino's Pizza. Mmm. :wub: Oh, and lasagna.


~8. I have a decently sized pony collection (6 shirts, 1 sweater/hoodie, a ton of cards, 2 vinyl figures [Derpy and Vinyl], a bunch of small figures, 4 metallic dog tags, 3 posters, and more)


~9: My favourite music genres are dubstep/electronic (or whatever), and orchestral (or whatever), though I'll listen to just about anything if I like it.


~10. I'm quite shy, though I'm probably somewhere in between introverted and extroverted. I mean, I can be sociable at times, but others I'm rather silent.


~11. I've never had any 'real' friends (not for a while anyways), as in, friends I actually hang out with, talk to often, play games with, have fun together etc.


~12. I never fall into depression or anything, I don't know why though, I just don't.


~13. I often stay up late, like 1-3 AM on most nights.


~14. I like to make things with Paint.NET.


~15. I really don't care much for Skype, the only reason I have it is because ... well I don't even know to be honest. xD


~16. My current favourite video game series is Arma.


~17. I've never been in a relationship, though I really don't care whether or not I have a girlfriend, I'm fine on my own. ;)


~18. I actually like Gangnam Style and The Fox. Deal with it!


~19. I'm not so easily annoyed by silly things, like the aforementioned songs.


~20. Foxes are my favourite animals.


~21. I have my own fictional nation named 'The Fox Alliance'. I sort of just came up with it off the top of my head during a 'forum rebellion' (like a roleplay of sorts) I was a part of once upon a time. Even got it's own, rather plain, flag.


~22. My first forum experience was on a Tamagotchi forum when I was ... um ... 6-8? Something like that. Gosh I was so freakin' immature back then, I wonder how the hell people dealt with it. >.<


~23. Gaben is my only God.


~24. I sit in my room, on my computer, almost all day. :P


~25. I'm a PC gamer.


~26. Winter is my favourite season, and Summer my least.


~27. My favourite songs from MLP:FiM (including EQG) would be Smile Smile Smile, Apples to the Core, Generosity, Helping Twilight Win the Crown, and probably a few more that I'm forgetting.


~28. Most of my posts on this forum go to the Count to One Million thread, which I've been posting in since the 14th of August, 2013. The day after the game was created.


~29. I would love to be in some sort of small gaming group with friends, like LAGx for example.


~30. I'm Canadian.


Eeyup, guess that's all for now. :P



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