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New Dream/Nightmare D:



I am revisting a doctor's office who experiments on humans and animals alike. Apparently, I've been in this office before and barely escapped with my life the first time. This time is my quest for revenge.


I pretend to be a reporter to get access. I am led through what seems to be a normal clinic before we start getting deeper and deeper into the facility. I start seeing all sorts of disgusting monsters created by this man; like a pig who has had it's head chopped off and where the head is, is just the face of a man. Not the head of a man, just the skinned face of a man and it is still functioning as well.


There are piles or organs and flesh of both man and beast on hospital gurneys and i am taken to the basement where the Doctor and his assistant reside.


i get to the basement and there is this mutated Black Labrador down there who remembers me from my last visit. Such a nasty, vicious animal. It breaks my disguise and the Doctor knows immediately who I am. He sits me in a chair and he and his assistant begin talking about the futility of mortal man and my escape.


In the camera tripod I brought with me was a low cailber rifle built into the leg. I shoot the dog in the head with a silenced round and it slowly lays down to die. I then shoot the assistant twice in the neck, once in the temple, and finally the doctor.


His experiments start sneaking into the room - the worst being the Cherub. This is a man with one arm dangling by muscle and sinew, flesh wings jutting from his back, and the faces of babies attached to his chest, throat, and other was limping towards me and then my alarm went off.


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