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  1. And just for make you know: an overrated woman leaving doesn't mean the death of a show, disgusting things like a character that gets his tonetail ripped brutally and with gore in it means the death of a show (You know what I'm talking about right?).
  2. ...and I'm not talking about it's quality, but about it's reputation: continuing my discussion about the late negativity of the fandom lately, I've the fear that those people could hurt the opinion of the ones that still love it much, and putting it under a bad light, making other people hate it, I don't want to see that happen. I know that many people that hated the seasons that are not made by Lauren Faust (pratically all except the first one) are gone, but a few are still in the fandom and they continue to make shitposting and I have the fear they could subjestionate other people and the show would become hated by it's same fans (and don't get me started about Antony C.....).... please tell me I'm wrong...
  3. She was useless from the start to the end of the entire movie. Jesus Twilight, you defeated a giant worm and fought against an overpowered centaur in past, and now you get kicked so easely? I'm so scared...
  4. Twilight's is my favorite character of the show, and surely one of my favorites characters ever, I really care about her so much. She is a character that grew up to me on EVERY SINGLE APPARENCES. However.... yesterday happened something that I never would expected... I watched Rainbow Rocks and despite the fact I enjoyed it.... this was the first time in the whole show where.... Twilight disappointed me. It never happened before, I can't believe it.... And now I'm scared for her for the season 5: Twilight's Kingdom was her best apparence to date while Rainbow Rocks was her worst apparence to date, and they come one right after the other one, and they are both written by the same person... what if she disappoints me frequentely now? It would break my heart if the character gets ruined....
  5. I really liked this movie. Everything that made the first movie bad is gone, Sunset Shimmer is a great character now, and most of the song were good (especially the credits one). My only gripe of the whole movie: Twilight is useless from the start to the end. Jesus Twilight you defeated a giant worm and fought against an overpowered centaur in past. I even had a dream where you kicked Mario, Sonic, Megaman and Pac-Man at once (I know that dreams don't count as canon, but hey I can only dream right?). And magically now you get kicked so easely? OH COME ON! What bothers me the most is that Twilight's Kingdom was the best apparence of Twilight in the entire show, while this movie is her worst apparence in the entire show (even thought FiM and EG don't get many influence each other).... and they come one after the other.... and are written by the same person...
  6. Actually.... I have to be honest: despite the fact I admit that the S3 is the worst season objectively talking (however justified by the fact that Hasbro gave Meghan and company only 4 months to write it) it's not my least favorite (mainly because I love 7 episodes from it and 3 of them (Magic Duel, Sleepless in Ponyville and Magical Mystery Cure) excluding the whole fourth season are my three favorite episodes of the show), the S1 is my least favorite, because it has 8 episodes I don't like, and one of them (Stare Master) it's still today, my most hated episode of the entire show (and that says something since even though I dislike 15 episodes from the whole show the only two episodes I REALLY hate are that one and Rainbow Falls). Plus the annoyance of the people that consider it the only good season of the show, partially decremented my love for it. This is my rank for the seasons: S4>S2>S3>S1
  7. The title says all. What's your favorite season so far?
  8. Place where the negativity is high? Well, Roundstable and /mlp/ to say some, and that Antony C that hated PINKIE PRIDE AND TWILIGHT'S KINGDOM, THE TWO BEST EPISODES OF THE SHOW. Digibrony maybe gone, Byter maybe someone that nobody cares of him, but until there will be them, the negativity will be high. And what worries me the most, is that this negativity could put the whole show at serious risks: it could get bad ratings and getting cancelled, or could get a terrible reputation because the negativity. I don't know what to say guys.... I'm seriously worried....
  9. Uhm.... guys? Uhm... you don't get upset if I say that I freaking loved this episode? Eheh.... ah... please don't kill me...
  10. That's because I'm worried. The Season 4 was my favorite too, I don't understand how it could have made people so angry.... the only REALLY objectively bad episodes I've seen are Rainbow Falls and Somepony to Watch Over me.... that's not makes sense... What's happened?
  11. Here: and here: and here: .... we want to talk about byter, Digibrony and all the people devoted to Lauren Faust? Also... the daily new fanarts about the show on Deviantart have heavely dropped (from 600 new arts at day the last year... we dropped to 80....). The situation is critical...
  12. Well.... just look what Digibrony did, he hated the S4, and most of all.... look on Roundstable. The people of that forum have turned into some of the worst fans I've ever seen.... It's so terrible...
  13. What's happened? Why the fandom is become so terribly negative toward the show at the point that people are bashing everything about it except the first season? I've seen a terrible negativity in forums lately, bronies are insulting very badly, they know only word violence now.... it's look like that there's not anymore difference between haters and bronies... what's going on? Why all this negativity?
  14. I've already opened this topic to show that the show hasn't lost anything compared to the first season. The first season had it's problem, the show never has been perfect, neither in the beginning, the first season had it's mediocre episodes (the pilot, Ticket Master, Feeling Pinkie Keen, Show Stoppers, Over a Barrel, A Bird in the Hoof and Owl's Well) or even AWFUL episodes (Boast Busters and Stare Master). The only episodes of the S4 that are bad are Rainbow Falls and Somepony Watches Over Me (and the Breezies one being mediocre). All the other ones ARE good episodes. I don't see all the problems you see, and even if would agree, the previous seasons, had their problems, as the S4, no seasons are perfect, in any show. So the show is going well. Uhm, forgive my curiosity, If you don't like the show anymore, why are you bronies continuing to watch it?
  15. The S4 is not bad as you jerks are pointing and the crew hasn't lost the magic touch that made the series so special, it's you bronies that have lost your passion and are blaming the FiM staff for this. If you really think you can do a better works than they why don't you try to do episodes by yourselfs? Oh right, I forgot, you already tried and you miserably failed *coff* DOUBLE RAINBOOM *coff*. -_-