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  1. Come on in and join us for Avengers: Endgame!

  2. Come join for our last Movie Night with Avengers: Endgame. Starting in about 10 minutes.

  3. Come on in and join for Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas! Starting Now.

  4. Come join now for Ghostbusters 1 and 2!

    1. Blivy


      Da Da da dada!

  5. Come join in a few minutes for the Last Friday Movie Night before EQTV'S Endgame on Nov. 1st. Tonight we watch My Little Pony FiM: The Movie, Spirited Away, and The Princess Bride

  6. Just a couple of minutes until the next movie event in EQTV'S Movie Night Endgame, leading up to November 1st. Space Jam and Hook. Come join!

  7. Come on in and join for MST3K: Space Mutiny. Happening Now!

  8. Come on in and join us for Rifftrax Live! Manos: The Hands of Fate and MST3K: Space Mutiny. Starting in just a few minutes!

  9. Come on and join us for another night in our EQTV Movie Night Endgame! Tonight is Rifftrax Live! Manos The Hands of Fate and MST3K: Space Mutiny. Over at the CMC Clubhouse at Check to schedule to see what's playing, leading up to November 1st. 


    1. PiratePony


      Watch for Torgo

  10. Come on in and join for the next night in EQTV'S Movie Night End Game.  Back to the Future Trilogy SuperCut

  11. Come on and in for The Blue Brothers and UHF. Playing now!

  12. EQTV'S Movie Night Endgame Begins Tonight in 10 minutes! Come and watch the first night of Films leading up to Nov. 1st. The Blues Brothers and UHF.


  13. Looks like I won't be able to get Gamera, but I can get an MST3K Gamera.
  14. Haha. I still can't remember what I was thinking, so Gamera it is.
  15. Join in just a few minutes for Movie Night! Toy Story 4 and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

  16. The Scheduling for EQTV'S Endgame leading up to Nov. 1st is now out.


  17. This is it. The Endgame. On November 1st we will have our last Movie Night. The following is a schedule of all Movie Night and related events leading up to Nov. 1st. All showings begin at normal Movie Night times. 5pm CDT. will still be up, but movie nights will end Nov. 1st. Wednesday Oct. 16th: The Blues Brothers and UHF Friday Oct. 18th: Back to the Future Trilogy EQTV Supercut Monday Oct. 21st: Rifftrax Live: Manos The Hands of Fate and MST3K: Space Mutiny Wednesday Oct. 23rd: Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy ...... (Did a double take did you? I joke. I joke.) Wednesday Oct. 23rd real movies: Space Jam and Hook Friday Oct. 25th: My Little Pony The Movie, Spirited Away, and The Princess Bride Monday Oct. 28th: Ghostbusters 1 and 2 Wednesday Oct. 30th: Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas Thursday Oct. 31st: Ghost Stories (Eng. Dub) Marathon. All 20 episodes. Friday Nov. 1st: Avengers Endgame
  18. Poll for Oct. 11th is Closed. Toy Story 4 and Spider-Man: Far From Home


    1. PiratePony


      Thanks for all the movie nights that you've ran. I wish I was able to attend more.

  19. Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on EQTV, including our iconic Friday movie night, where we watch movies voted by you guys, our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest MLP episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! And remember, even when there’s no movies or livestreams, there’s always something to watch! We keep pony videos and episodes playing non-stop, 24/7! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Friday Movienight Movie Night starts at 5:00 PM CDT / 6:00 PM EDT / 11 PM / 23:00 CET/ 12 AM / 00:00 CEST Toy Story 4 5:00 PM CDT 11:00 AM / 23:00 CET/ 12:00 am / 00:00 CEST Spider-Man: Far From Home 7:30 PM CDT 1:00 AM / 01:00 CET/ 2:00 am / 02:00 CEST MLP Season 9 Finale (10:30am CDT - 5:30 pm / 17:30 CEST / 4:30 pm / 16:30 CET) Type 10:30 am CDT into Google, it should convert to your time. If there is an error, please let me know. EQTV's CMC Clubhouse!
  20. Poll is closed Oct. 11th.. Toy Story 4 and Spider-Man: Far From Home.
  21. Well, unfortunately I can't remember what it was I originally had typed up. My computer decided to crash, and I lost what I typed before I had a chance to create the topic. We here at EQTV have decided on a final Movie Night, for it is time for us to move on. To focus on our own lives. We have found less and less time to put into EQTV. And as time has gone on, attendance has lessened and lessened. Our Endgame is upon us, November 1st. I hope to see former and current EQTV staff, Old and New EQTV'ers, and anyone else who wishes to join, at our final outing. The EQTV site will still be up and running. This pertains only to Movie Nights and other streaming events hosted by EQTV staff at the CMC Clubhouse Channel. EQTV'S Endgame Full Shedule. It has been a long and fun ride, but it is time to bid our farewells. I will miss our Movie Nights, but at the same time I am relieved. Thank you to the Forums, EQTV'ers, and Staff.
  22. The Poll for Oct. 11th's Movie Night is now open. Come on and vote for which film/films you want to see!


  23. I think instead of nominating it, I'll just play the entire Anime on Halloween. Same time as Movie night. Will be about 7 or so hours long though. Poll is open BTW.
  24. Come on in for Episode 23! The Big Mac Question.