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  1. cool what kind of games do you play, I will add you on PSN my username is the same verzitile.
  2. Hey everypony new the forum and just trying to make more Brony friends to discuss all things mlp related and such . I was just wondering is there a gaming community of Bronies orr just anyone who liked playing a game here and there. I play ps3 and some PC myself but whatever you're into is all good . Also just wondering if there are some pony related games out there, I am currently enjoying the ponymon alpha myself and I've seen a couple of fun and addictive flash games ( Pinkie Pie jump). Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions and does anyone think Hasbro will ever release an official console based game. That would be epic but perhaps its wishful thinking. Any ways hope to talk soon.
  3. I think the best thing about this episode was that all the mane six(and spike for that matter) were written perfectly and they all had decent screen time even though it was a spike/applejack centred episode.
  4. hey thunder I am new myself, hear you're into games, what type of gaming are you into?
  5. I think it was a bold and brave move and i ,look forward to see where they are going to take it.