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  1. Feet One Direction Kids Screaming France Football People That Say "America Is the best nation/country" Piers Morgan Broken Internet American Tea Girls Who Want To Be Treated Like A Lady Skype Bing Google Chrome Annoying People
  2. The golden compass, I hated this film. It was confusing, strange and I just didn't like it overall. It was confusing what the bad guy was trying to do, I think separating the animals with the kids.....Why?
  3. DdrFloor

    I drew GUMMY! :D

    so cute. I love it <3, it's simplistic yet effective, really good. You should keep up the good work and maybe draw the other pets
  4. DdrFloor

    Hello Everypony!

    Welcome to the forum, I hope you have a wonderful time on here. I advise that you read the rules and important threads to help you begin your time here.
  5. I'm 100% the fanatic, I love the show and is the center of my life right now, I don't really read fan fiction but I enjoy the art and some of the music.
  6. I would like to see Twilight find a spell so she only has her unicorn horn and when she uses the elements of harmony she goes all Alicorn on the enemy. But we haven't seen much of this 'new' Twilight and I would like to see how she is being an Alicorn.
  7. I nearly cried 15 minuets in, I thought it was going to be the last episode ever, After the episode finished I was crying as I was so happy for twilight and after I was done with my happiness I searched if it was going to be the last episode and was happy to see it was last in season 3 but season 4 was coming
  8. DdrFloor

    Hello everypony

    Welcome to the forum. Have a wonderful time while on the forum
  9. DdrFloor


    Hello, My name is James and I just joined. The reason I got into My Little Pony was because of my friend who is now my lovely girlfriend the first episode I watched was season 3 episode 1 I believe, since then I have not stopped watching MLP. I just wanted to say hello and give a little back story to my MLP experience and I hope to enjoy my long stay here.
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