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  1. Check out this dudes awesome pony dubs. One person doing six different voices, it's funny stuff. His videos are up on vimeo due to YouTube copyright take downs. Anyway let me know what everypony thinks. https://vimeo.com/66945442 His YT http://www.youtube.com/user/ImDrowningInFootwear
  2. Sure why not all we need is enough people to form a clan. People have been playing doom for 20 years so the community on zdaemon is just as hardcore as the brony community. It would be epic indeed!
  3. Hey Hey every pony. Anyone else a fan of old school deathmatch and I'm talking proper old school: DOOM? I think it'd be cool to form a brony group on zdaemon (a program that allows people to deathmatch on the original DOOM games) if your interested you'll need a copy of doom and doom 2. (legit ie bought through steam or just downloaded/torrented the game doesn't matter to me Then you'll need zdaemon which you can get here http://www.zdaemon.org/ If you're interested add me to you 'buddy list' on zdaemon and leave a reply with your player name on Zdaemon and I'll add you on my buddy list also. My username is: comiccon Don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Check out the below video I explain what zdeamon is and show what the typical game looks like. Hope to be bro-hoofing some of you with a super shotgun sometime soon
  4. I made a video talking about my thoughts on xbox one. My take on the demo of the console, the lineup of games, and the lack of indie development for it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfJIumvApRk
  5. The statistics do seem to be dropping off after 34 that is percentage of bronies in the forum. I'm 23 and have everything still attached far as I can fathom. The dropping of things happened many years ago.
  6. It really drops off after 34 I'm not at all surprised that the majority is 13-17 that seems to be the biggest group. I'm within the 18-24 bracket myself.
  7. None that stood out because I only talk of ponies in fan zones like this one. No IRL pony talk, not ever. Shame that I've seen plenty of random trolling in some comments left on MLP episode videos on YT some in reply to my comments, but to me I really don't notice haters in places like that not when there are so many fans to make them seem totally irrelevant.
  8. Oppression for hate. Ugh is that a contradiction in terms. It's 'hate' that is the oppression because by the time someone uses that tone it's no longer time to discuss a particular matter with respect. Personally I dislike the prospect that equestria girls may super-cede MLP:FIM as far of what I actually think of the trailer I think I talk for a lot of people when I say: 'It looks mediocre but I'll watch it anyway when it gets uploaded to YouTube.' And Wasn't it this same exact attitude that got some of us into MLP:FIM in the first place? Hell I admit I secretly judged the idea of bronies, I kept this to myself of course because I'm not an asshole and didn't feel the need to tell people I thought the prospect of liking the show was kind of silly. Then of course I eventually watch an episode of it on YT, thought it had some great parts to it, got somewhat choked up at certain scenes (S3 ep 10 it was who couldn't like fluttershy be-friending discord I thought nothing more of it till weeks later I decided to watch the series chronologically and the rest is history. I look at equestria girls the same bigoted way I looked at MLP:FIM and I think there's nothing wrong with that. Is it hypocritical you bet it is, but I will still watch it and judge on it's on merits and keep my possibly offensive thoughts on it to myself just like I did with MLP:FIM. Prejudice not discrimination folks it leaves room for change and no one gets hurt
  9. I used to not support the idea and now I find myself somewhat neutral. I'm going through the same thing with equestria girls but that's another topic.. I fail to see how they can continue character progression with the rest of the mane6 unless they are going to have it being mostly a physical difference and not make twilights character even more god-like compare to other pones. Basically it depends on if all the characters are progressed or just twilights.
  10. The issue here is the same issue everywhere on the internet I suppose people have to fall into two camps: fanboys or haters. I don't dislike the look of equestria girls personally but I have concerns that if it becomes successful it will replace MLP:FIM in the long run.
  11. I agree the plot seems to be the run of the mill stock plot for high school films. But then that is what they are trying to do with Equestria girls. I can not believe no one else has mentioned this but why do you think they are making this: merchandise. Do you know how much easier it will be to market human looking dolls to girls then ponies. A lot easier is the answer and no doubt with endless accessories. The water is being tested if Equesteria girls becomes successful you can bet Hasbro is going to consider the long term implications of running two similar shows alongside each other. Whether it will be good is of course still a question no one can answer at this point. The only reason I have for concern (not anger, that's a bit much) is simply the possiblity that if equestia girls becomes a successful series in it's own right would Hasbro really want to continue making both MLP:FIM and equestria girls in the longrun?
  12. What's up everypony? Has anyone seen Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony' dvd? I have seen several amateur brony documentary videos on YouTube with mixed results usually there okay but nothing memorable. Since this appears to be the only 'professional' documentary on My Little Pony: FIM I'm wondering if it's worth it's current price tag? See the official website if you're unfamiliar with the film. http://www.bronydoc.com/ I'd be interested in any and all feedback. Also anyone who has seen the 'Extended Interviews' disc which for some reason they are selling separately (which sucks since 13 bucks for a digital edition of the film would of been fine had they included the interviews but whatever I'm kind of cheap.) Thanks in advance to every and any pony who answers.
  13. Hi all I'm new to the MLP forums. Been working my way through the first season of MLP:FIM. I am Author/cartoonist (google 'Hippy Jonny and the banality of life' if your interested.) I also have a noob question, how do add a signature to your profile posts?
  14. Has anyone checked out this game Ponymon Dusk/Dawn? It's a game boy advance rom hack of the pokemon games Fire Red and Leaf Green, It's actually really cool. It replaces all the pokemon with ponies, and some of the text is changed it also has evolutions and battles etc everything you'd expect from a pokemon/my little pony crossover game. Theres a review with gameplay and more detailed descriptions here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXJULXA_drA