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  1. The idea isn't to find them in the game, the idea is that someone who knows how to mod guns for the game makes them. It was done a lot in Borderlands (1) and there was a wide variety of modded guns and put them in the game that did different things. If I misunderstood you, ignore the above statement. *I believe they mod guns that are already in their inventory, so they already have them and don't need to find them.
  2. Did anypony out there mod guns for Borderlands, do you know how to mod for Borderlands 2? My friend and I came up with ideas for some guns for each of the main six ponies. They would have their respective color schemes. But alas, neither of us know how to mod guns to bring into the game We don't want the guns to be overpowered, relativly speaking we want them to be leveled. If anyone knows how to mod guns for Borderlands 2 and can do these and somehow give me a copy of them it would be greatly appreciated If you make them for yourself I want pictures/videos of the awesomeness Fluttershy Hyperion shotgun When you reload the shotgun says - "You rock, woohoo." pumping the shotgun it says, "yay" or When auto-firing the shotgun it says, "yay, yay, *gasp* yaaay" (the part where RD says, "louder", but of course without RD" When you are out of ammo the guns says, "Too loud?" Wishful thinking - The gun does 30-60% more damage to creatures Rainbow Dash Vladof Assualt Rifle - Specifically in the three barreled minigun shape It should constantly speed up and not cap out until the clip is empty So it needs a fairly large base clip size Regardless of clip size (due to skill tree clip upgrades) it needs to take 10 seconds (no more, no less) to empty a clip from full to empty Wishful thinking - every bullet or clip has a 5% chance to perform a sonic rainboom where the bullets tracer trails are rainbows and the bullets do 150% more damage. If only 20% more damage, then it needs at least a 20% chance of happening. Also wishful thinking - the gun has a 10% chance of making you catch fire when you use a whole clip and has a chance of saying, "It needs to be about 20% cooler." (the idea being that the gun gets really hot) Along with it, the barrel of the gun would turn red hot until finished reloading. Pinkie Pie - Probably the hardest one to do in my opinion Longbow singularity Rocket launcher! (Explosion would happen right after the singularity [no wait time], but could do without the singularity, but longbow is a must) Verry wishful thinking - Manufaturer changes everytime you load the game It it had to be just one, then a Vladof or a Togue The gun has a 15% chance of saying, "Suprise, aww shoot" a second or two after the explosion, followed by a second explosion. Sometimes when firing it says, "I just wanna see a smile" or other smile quotes from pinkie pie We haven't come up with any/I forgot the/many ideas for special things the twilight, Rarity, and Applejack guns do yet Apple Jack Assault Rifle Grenade launcher Rarity Maliwan SMG Twilight Sparkle Maliwan or Jackobs Pistol, Possibly e-tech Also had an idea for a Bic Mac heavy sniper rifle Big Macintosh Sniper rifle (no manufacterer yet) Should do extra heavy damage for level, but not ridiculous The gun says, "Nope" when you fire your gun and/or hit a target The gun says, "Eeyup" when you reload
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    I don't know if it's just me, but there seem to be alot of spam forum posts with the convertings and the nooks and kindles. can we get a mod to remove them from the sections that are not in the off-topic section at least? Thanks you, Frequency
  4. Hello everypony! I am Frequency, one of the official spokesponies for Radio Intel (a media company still in developement: I don't have my cutie mark yet, but maybe soon . At Radio Intel we do podcasts that aren't actually being published yet, which makes each of them outdated, manely because I don't have time to edit them with college and all. Although I am on break now so maybe all those will come out . I think the music from this community is really hoofing good, best I've seen out of a fan base. I also really like a bunch of the art from this community. I haven't read any fics though, but I hear they are good too. Glad to be here, I'm just looking forword to just going to Everfree in 2013 since it will be my first time cuz I missed it last year