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  1. Not much to say, other than what has already been said. A change in the chord pogression would have helped your song alot. Also the ending could use a few seconds of dead space where nothing is playing. Right now, the ending feels pretty abrupt.
  2. Chocolate Fudge Brownie. From Ben & Jerry's.
  3. Newborn labador puppies. They are just fricken cute!
  4. - People who treat their dogs like children, and say things like "momma loves you," to them. Your dogs don't see you as their parent, they see you as their pack leadier. - Google+ - The guy who followed my friends arround from server to server on gmod (now we play on a private server so there) - Me
  5. Yup, I am one of thoes music guys. Here is a recent track. This is the track that I am most proud of. And my most popular track. I also have Pony.fm, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Have fun.
  6. I literally just typed "Hypnosis" into youtube and found this youtube channel. This thread could probalby be merged with the hypnosis thread.
  7. I don't think minimum wage should be raised. I have talked about this with people who have a much better understanding of the economy then most people do. The fact is, companies are not going to lower their profit margin (which isn't as big as people assume it is), so the result would be a higher cost of living and layoffs. I also don't really like the tumblr community. I mean the fandoms are fun, but the overall culter that has evolved there bothers me.
  8. I don't necessarily disagree with tulpa-forcing. I can fully understand the want or need to get one. But I feel that some people are jumping into this without realizing fully what they are getting themselves into. First of all Tulpa-forcing is not something that should be done because it’s “trendy” or just because you want to talk to a pony. Tulpae are really a life decision and will probably be with you your whole life. Based on what some of you guys have been saying, a host gets attached to his/her tulpa very early on, so killing a tulpa is probably very difficult. What us on th
  9. I have decided to use this site to host my free albums. That way I don't have to deal with Bandcamp's free download limit.
  10. JasperSynth


    Sorry to bring this thread up from the grave, but I have a question about it. In a system like this, would there be a way to add non members as collaborators?
  11. I'm only posting one song for now. That would be Dinky's Lullaby VIP. None of my other tracks are really worth uploading. But as I continue to make more music, I will be uploading other things as well.
  12. JasperSynth

    uploading error

    If I recall correctly, I rebounced it at 96 KHz. The other two highest rates were too large. The song is finally up now. Thanks for the help.
  13. JasperSynth

    uploading error

    eheh. Logic is great, but I do have a major quirk with it: It's made by Apple. Recently, I have been starting to like Apple less and less lately. Now to get back on topic. I just got this error from the site: [{"name":"Dinky's Lullaby Lossless.aif","size":74209080,"error":"The master file has an invalid sample rate."}] Well, it looks like its the sample rate. I am going to bouce the song again at a different rate and see what happens. Edit: Alright, it worked. The song is finally up.
  14. JasperSynth

    Embed Youtube?

    I like this. I have a bunch of music on my youtube that I don't have available in lossless formats. Obviously there probably would be some benifits for hosting the song here rather than embedding it.
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