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  1. I'm guessing you're somewhat a perfectionist like Rarity herself (and to an extent, me when it comes to drawing as well), 'cause I'm not seeing the mistakes you mentioned. It's a pretty fabulous drawing, if you ask me! Keep it up /) EDIT: Also, bonus points for drawing best pony XD
  2. Here everypony, have a picture of Rarity.
  3. Ohai!

    1. bladereaper07






      Sweet Celestia, you're so fluffy, furry, cuddly, etc.!

    2. Unpredictable Ranger
  4. Choicescript, it pretty much a premade CSS code coupled with Javascript. It's apretty simple program, but it gets the job done! Link to their webpage:
  5. A hater once asked to see my Rainbow Dash figure, I complied 'cause I was oblivious that she was a hater. After a few "observations" on my figurine, she threw it away. I was like "What the fudge!", what's more is I was an upper-class man and she was just a freshman... No respect, I tell 'ya... OK, sorry for the rant, So, um, I have nothing decent to say but "Haters gonna hate>"