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    Ask DJ PON3

    This is a thread for DJ P0N3. DO THE QUESTIONS
  2. Check Out My Brothers Pony He Recruited Me Jacob2Cl0wn Check it Out
  3. Ello everyone im BLACKM1ST im and happy to be part in this brony community
  4. About to watch season 2 episode 1 of My Little Pony OMG it has discord in it :o

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    2. Penloy


      wait have you not finished yet? ^.^


    3. BLACKM1ST
    4. pennni


      @ponloy he hasn't been a Brony very long, he started from the beginning a few weeks ago :P


  5. Hey everyone subscibe to me on youtube its chandler granillo

  6. Randomness ok done

  7. Ok sorry for postting so many time in like 5 mins because im trying to get out of the blank flanks group i just need to post one more thing random

    1. pennni


      You need to make forum posts. Not status updates XD

    2. BLACKM1ST


      sorryy im new and you know it


  8. Hey Commet If You Heard The Song 20% Cooler

  9. Man its hard to find out witch pony i am

  10. I'm new to this and I hope me and my fellow bronies get along I want to make new friends so add me
  11. Im new and in a brony just to let all of you know