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  1. I am single but i am searching for my special lady. in this world we are judged if we breath wrong so i am open for negativity not because i want it. because of who i am but not matter what, this world can not drag me down.
  2. My element is wind (air) my spirit is free. wind storm help me think and i can almost fly when i run in the wind.the great thing with wind like water it is inside us.
  3. Friendship is Magic, for me that is all that is needed. I believe that friends become closer then families, in my case that is true and i do mean the fandom as well.
  4. here are my answers: 1 Run a race 2 Prank friends with lighting clouds 3 Phoenix 4 Make stuff 5 Spread peace 6 Night owl 7 Rainbow dash and Cadence
  5. I love Derpy because she is different but does not let that get her in way. of being kind and showing love to others who might not give her the time of day. she is fearless and i just love her
  6. Yeah of course it is clear and i also like rainbow dash, scootaloo is adventurous and like to have big fun. not that the others don't.
  7. I intend on staying with the forms here is my pony Night Writer. can't wait to see the finished image, hope to see mine but if not is is all good just happy to be here
  8. Self-Cleaning clothes, saves money would you rather fight a group of zombies or vampires
  9. Bowling Would you rather walk at the beach at sunset or a moonlit street after a spring rain
  10. shoes Would you rather have many friends and die quickly or one friend and die slowly
  11. Hope you all have a good day

  12. I am a nerd my friends and i can play DnD and Magic for hours. I don't like video games much but when i do play i play: resident evil 1&2 only or oblivion
  13. I love to run i am a free runner (Parkour) so i run every where. but living in a small town is starting get boring hopefully someday i will have the chance to run a larger area
  14. my girl Mokka. she is very loyal and protective of me, my family found her as a pup, abandon. took her in and she was suppose to have been my dad's dog but she soon became mine