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  1. French exam tomorrow... yay :/

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      Nobody Special

      BTW Legion i'm in your party... don't know why though

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      Nobody Special

      ER MEH GERD This annoying squeker A True Quarian wants to bug me.

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      Skeletor Brony

      Ermahgerd, this mouth-breather named jklrqpo won't leave my superior self alone!

  2. If anyone out there plays Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360, please come join my Platoon on Battlelog at http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241703464120/ The Platoon is called Bronyfield and all are welcome to join. Also I run a Battlefield 3 server that is pretty successful. The server name is... Bronyfield - Operation Metro 24/7 Conquest & Rush Please join!!!!!!
  3. Can someone please help me! I want to know here to watch the movies with everyone D: Please help I've been wondering this for awhile now!
  4. I didn't really want anyone but my friends to know that I am a Brony but umm that didn't last very long. One day my brother walked into my room and saw my Rainbow Dash desktop background, that is when things began to kick off. He then went and told my other brother and I told them to shut up. Obviously they didn't cause a few days later my mom comes up to me and says, I have a present for you! She hands me the present and it's a mlp graphic novel. So now like everyone knows and it feels kinda good to not hold it back anymore. Ha ha, wow. Do our parents know each other or something? My mom jokes around with me about it and yet supports my liking of the fandom. My dad on the other hand doesn't necessarily support it but he doesn't care honestly.
  5. Call of Duty. Nothing else to be said here. I can't stand it that every ten year old now and days plays that. What happened to playing Pokemon when you were E for everyone?
  6. This is a simple question. With out hesitation, Charizard for sure. It's like the coolest pokemon ever. I will say however some of the generation six pokemon look pretty cool...
  7. Well first up, if I can solve it, I'll get it done. But if I can't then I'll just ask my friends. If all fails, then I work at it until I can overcome it, do what I can at least.
  8. At first yes, I would be overjoyed at the matter. But later on I could see myself wanting to be human again for many reason. Examples? Probably can't use my computer, smartphone or play video games. That itself, would destroy me. Now lets say our planet was transformed into Equestria, that would be alright I guess considering their more simplified lifestyle compared to ours.
  9. This is a very hard question... but I'll give it a shot. 10. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon 9. Halo 4 8. Skyrim 7. Pokemon Heart Gold 6. Battlefield 3 5. Pokemon Platinum 4. Pokemon Sapphire 3. Halo Reach 2. Star Wars Battlefront 2 1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl 3 through 1 are all at a tie because I had so many good times on all of them. Also, I would've added in Runescape but no MMORPG's, soooo yeah.
  10. I played Runescape for a very long time. I stopped about a year ago but this summer I may start again because Runescape 3 is coming out and that looks pretty cool.
  11. I've only cried to one game's ending. That game is.... Halo 4. That ending is just perfect in my opinion not going to spoil it though for anyone else who hasn't completed it.
  12. Out of everything, out of all the possible cool names... Well guys, I'm a male with the title of Cotton Princess. That will be all for today gentlemen.
  13. Lol, ponies have kinda taken over my life a little. My computer is totally decked out with everything rainbow dash ranging from custom program icons to the Windows 7 boot screen with my background and Google Chrome having rainbow as well. My iPod also has everything I could "Rainbow-a-fy" on it.
  14. I don't understand why one would stop watching. It's just sooooo good to just leave three seasons in! So obviously, yes I will be watching season 4.
  15. Monday-Friday 1. Wake up at 6:00 and get ready for school 2. I have stomach issues so I skip breakfast and go to school 3. Some how stay awake through the first 3 periods 4. I begin to wake up a little around 11:15ish 5. I eat lunch and screw around with my friends 6. Finish 8th period gym and go home 7. I eat some stuff and then get on my computer to check YouTube, Facebook etc. 8. Do homework 9. Eat dinner 10. More computer 11. Sleep 12. Repeat Weekends 1.Wake up at whatever time I please 2. Get on my computer or play Xbox 3. Sleep