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  1. Are you Maxim from +100500? I think he is secretly a brony. Do you get made fun of a lot for being a brony in Russia? Are matryoshka dolls as popular in Russia as they are in the US and Japan?
  2. Princess Luna is the best princess! :3

  3. The link you posted said that I am sanguine, I completely disagree with that. I'm very shy, and I don't really like speaking out loud, although I have to. I'm opinionated, but I'm scared that other people think I'm over-opinionated. I don't like parties, I don't like going out, whenever my boyfriend and I plan a date, if something gets in the way I just won't want to go any more. I'm very introverted. I prefer staying at home, watching movies or playing video games, although I do need the occasional social contanct or else I go a little stir crazy... but that's what grocery shopping is for! I used to be really out going and talkitive... but then a lot of people started being mean to me and they kind of just... broke me... Now I'm lonely :/
  4. LUNA IS THE BESTEST PRINCESS IN ALL OF EQUESTRIA!!!!!!!! I love Luna. Celestia is great, but she's obviously more of a queen than a princess. But even so, Luna is the best
  5. I just said last night while playing SSBB that they should make a Super Smash Ponies xD Just kidding. Even though most Final Fantasy games are Play Station, there are a few games on Nintendo, and it'd be really awesome if they could get chocobos on SSB. Maybe some Animal Crossing characters as well! I really would like to see more female characters, that are less sexualized.... Zero Suit Samus is just slutty. As for the game play, it's a lot hard in SSBB to grab the opponent than it used to be, you could just grab and throw and I like that a lot better.
  6. In, I think it's The Best Night Ever episode, they show different ponies who seem to represent the other regeneration of the Doctor. They all have the same Hour Glass Cutie Mark, but the 10th and 11th are the regular tan colored pony, same mane color but different styles, but 11 shows up wearing a top hat. Then the 3rd and 5th regenerations appear as blue ponies with different hair styles that are similar to their matching Doctor. So I don't think that whether he appears as an earth or pegasus pony has anything to do with his regenerations, good theory though. Maybe they are just being lazy about creating new ponies
  7. Ooh, that's a hard one. I love Winona because she's a border collie and I've owned border collies all my life and I love them! Dogs are easily my favorite animal. Dashie and Tank vs Pinkie and Gummy is hard to decide because they both have hilarious relationships. BUT I dislike Angel and Opal.... Angel is abusive and Opal is a spoiled nasty cat... Owlicious is great but meh.
  8. I also hate Banjo Kazooie. I can't stand it. The graphics, the banjo, the kazooie, the idiocy... I. Just. Can't. My boyfriend complains because he loves the game, but I honestly just can't stand it. I don't know why, it just rubs me in the wrong way! OH, and Grand Theft Auto. I don't know if that counts soley as FPS, but it's disgusting.
  9. I hate first person shooter and fighter games. I think they are ridiculous and encourage gun violence. I pretty much hate any game that encourages a single person's domination over others.... I've always loved Final Fantasy and Zelda games... I'm probably biased in my game taste, but most are.
  10. My absolute favorite background pony is Doctor Whooves, aka Time Turner. It's one of the reasons I became interested in MLP because I kept seeing things about a Doctor Who easter egg type character in MLP, such as on Hot Topic and Pinterest websites, and wanted to see more of it because I love Doctor Who! I get really excited to see him, and I've been trying to keep track of which episodes he is in.. (I really need to write it down). But am I hallucinating when I see him appearing as both a Earth Pony and a Pegasus pony? Has anyone else noticed this? Who else loves Doctor Whooves aka Timer Turner?! If not, who is your favorite background pony?
  11. I used to have a best friend, and even named my daughters *middle* name after her.. and then she got married to a guy in the military and started acting all high-and-mighty, like she was queen of the world because her husband served in Afganistan and she had more money than me. She also started talking major crap behind everyone's back and I eventually realized she was probably taking crap behind my back too. I do, however consider my boyfriend to be my best friend, as it should be, because I can talk to him about anything, be weird around him, exc. But it's not the same as having a best girl friend.... Lonely.
  12. Princess Luna is the best Princess! I love Luna because she has been through a lot, has struggled with evil and prevailed. She learned things the hard way, and appriecates them more. Plus, she's hilarious. BUT THIS IS THE TRADITIONAL CANTERLOT VOICE!!!! As for the Mane 6, I really can't decide. They all have their strong points, Pinkie Pie never fails to make me smile, I relate the most to Fluttershy because I am shy like she is, and I love animals. Twilight is intelligent. Errr.... if I HAD to decide... I'd sayyy Fluttershy I think. Applebloom is my favorite CMC. SHE'S JUST SO CUTE!. And Time Turner/ Doctor (W)hooves is my favorite background character.
  13. I have Rainbow Dash from Build-a-Bear, and Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie from Hottopic.
  14. 1.) How old are you? 20 2.) What is your level of educational attainment? 2 year of community college 3.) What groups or cultural identities other than Brony do you self-identify with? Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, Doctor Who, Merlin, but not involved with any other forums... 4.) What attracted you to MLP and brony culture? I started watching MLP because my daughter watches it, after awhile it became very entertaining. When I found out about the Doctor Whooves pony I became very interested and entertained by seeing his appearance. 5.) Do you consider MLP-related activities to be your primary hobby? I enjoy collecting toys with my daughter 6.) What percentage of your leisure activities would you estimate are related to MLP? Ehhhh 20%ish depending on how busy I am 7.) What portion of your friends also consider themselves bronies? None 8.) If you have non-brony friends, are you ‘out’ as a brony to them? If so, has this affected your relationship with them in any way? Not really "out" 9.) Do you feel that bronies as a group are put upon or stigmatized on the internet? (Or society as a whole?) Yes, especially male bronies, I feel are made fun of and called childish or mentally disabled slurs...
  15. I think I bought 2 t-shirts from Hot Topic with Princess Luna on them because I <3 her so much ;3 I love Luna because she has experienced loneliness and isolation and had to learn things the hard way, rather than just being wise and all knowing like Celestia.