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  1. The RationalWiki defines the Persecution Complex as : a term given to an array of psychologically-complex behaviors, that specifically deals with the perception of being persecuted, for various possible reasons, imagined or real."


       It seems that you can't go one day on this forum without finding a topic where someone is getting their panties in a twist about the potential of someone taking down the show or discovering that they are a brony. 


     My question is ; do you think bronies have a persecution complex, why or why not?

  2. Call me a purist, a change hater, or a Faust fanboy, but I have lost any and all hope in the show's crew. After the living incarnation of bullshit that was Equestria Girls, I've abandoned all hope that the show's creators would ever produce anything worth my time again. The season 4 animations did little to change my mind. They came across as being gimmicky ( the super ponies) or illogical and redundant (the return of Nightmare Moon) I will still watch season 4 to develop an opinion on it, but a part of me is wishing for it to be awful so I can focus my time on my other interests. (Homestuck, video games, Doctor Who)

  3. Pretty interesting ideas. My idea for the finally is that before the final boss, you have this insane boss rush where you fight all the forms of Xehanort. For the final boss, all the forms of Xehanort would be fused together into one insane super form, which would use attacks from all the other forms.