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  1. Tja, saluton, and salutations to you, as well! Welcome to the forums. I hope you have a wonderful time~
  2. I work at Dairy Queen -- only on the weekends, really. I work (English isn't made to be friendly to adverbs) I'll work full-time as an SMT Feeder Loader, as of Monday this week.
  3. Jayzus this thread is spooksville .... try not to click
  4. Hi, folks. I've just returned from work. I swear if I see any more ice cream in my entire life, I'll flip lids.
  5. You have, Haven. I'm around. And thank you for the warm welcome.
  6. Random things? Sounds good. That's usually what gets people acquainted with one another. I guess you could say I'm new; been kind of dormant for a while. But yeah, speaking of chatting with others, it's nice to meet you!
  7. Oh, that happens, haha. So, what do people usually discuss, around here?
  8. Esperanto Tero (TER-o) / la tero (LA TER-o) - earth / the earth Soldato (sol-DA-to) la soldato (LA sol-DA-to) - warrior /the warrior Soldatoj (sol-da-TOY) - warriors Soldaton / soldatojn (sol-DA-ton [like tone]) (sol-da-TOYN) - warrior and warriors in accusative case (They are the object of the phrase/La banditoj mortigis la soldatojn/soldato [The bandits killed the warrior/warriors]) Swedish (I'm not good at it, but I'm fairly sure of these) jord (yord) / jorden (YOR-den) - earth/the earth krigare (KREEG-ahr/e) / krigaren (KREE-ahren) - warrior / the warrior krigare (") / krigarna (KREEG-ar-na) - warriors / the warriors
  9. Currently, it's Fjärilen mot Ljuset by Vic Vem. It's become fairly popular in the 'svenskasphere' as of late. I like it and stuff the beat is catchy and the lyrics are #djuptphilos shit.
  10. Mia unua lingvoas Angla. Kaj mi esperas lerni Nederlandan Hispanian kaj Germanan je la venonta auxtuno (eble du auxtinoj je nun, l'fick se m'scias). Ho, kaj mi lernas Esperanton, se oni demandus: kio lingvo estas cxi-tio. Sed rememoru, ke mi estas nur komencanto~ // My first language is English, and I hope to learn Dutch, Spanish, and German by next fall. Oh, and I'm learning Esperanto, if you'd ask what language [that] is -- but remember I'm just a beginner.
  11. Posting more hip-hop. Yeah yeah. woo. Just since this thread isn't brown enough. Also, the new Ghostface Killah album is a nice little concept album (like most Wu-aff. albums)
  12. Icarus was catchy and fun, woo. 4/10 Mass Appeal/Intermission - BADBADNOTGOOD Don't Feed the Toadstools - Yggdrasil Broke - Huess Prime - SebastiAn Bengals feat. Fat Tony, Big Baby Gandhi - Himanshu
  13. Why would I . . . like I suggested , I'm sure some people out there would waste their time telling Muse fans that / / But many people still hold them . . . even if the majority disagrees / /
  14. Every music related opinion is popular . . . every opinion posted in this thread has been or is held by a set of people somewhere //
  15. 6/10 Not half bad. No Youtube links available . . . sorry / /
  16. 3/10 All points towards Disc Wars and Cosmic Castaway Circles - Computers Want me Dead Benny Lava - Ryan Hemsworth Utomlands - Zacke redblue=violet. you - mountaintops. NYC Cops - Heems
  17. 8/10 Nice Boris/Burial/SBTRKT Dream Girl / Sky Surfer - Lone Crystal Cavers 1991 - Lone Basique - Little People Daft Punk Rave - Zomby Power - Kanye West
  18. 2/10 Jason Bourne - Heems ゆきこさん - ミドリ (Midori) Fall in Love - BADBADNOTGOOD Tetra - Aesop Rock Crooked Axis for Straight Quartet - Earth