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  1. I believe everyone deserves a Sunstache Shimmer! So... Here y'all go! X3 I just decided to do this, cuz I was watching Equestria Girls & I thought of moustaches & how Sunset Shimmer was sinister evil... x3
  2. Here are my first animations so far, but they're just animation TESTS, so it's just a bunch of previews of what I might be coming up with. I may be pretty good with animations so far, but I still may need help & tips, cuz I'm new to using Adobe Flash & I'd like help from you animators out there. Thank you
  3. 7/12/2013 Update -Added drawings & more info. Tags: Aeron, beach, Archers, Flying, pegasi, Arty, clouds, sun, sky, Blayke, Kris, adorable, cute, cool, blue, white, purple, yellow, green, blush
  4. I will not be on this site much & I have over a hundreds of drawings... So I guess I'll just put a link here, probably the easiest way... Hope y'all like them! It's pretty hard to get noticed here... Here are some of the pictures I have on my DeviantArt, these samples will preview the mares I've drawn, some of them... Anyway, the drawings are below: "Aeron At The Beach" "Flying Archers" (feat. ArtyFlyr) "Blayke" "Kris's Girlfriend"
  5. Ahh, okay... I understand... it's all good! ^u^ I'm entering a bunch of words, cuz it need to be mininum of 50 characters...
  6. It's spelt 'Blayke'... XD... And thanks! I do art almost everyday. Everyday? Wow... Thank you very much!
  7. Hiya guys, my name is Blayke, yes I know that name is taken, so I'll add in my whole name... My name is Bayke Laxamana Hunter Sado Nicaryu I draw, build crafts, come up with crazy ideas, write or come up with some very interesting stories. Yeah, I LOVE art... ^u^ I became a brony when my younger cousin showed me to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and at first, I thought IT WAS RIDICULOUS! But after watching the first two episodes, I saw the part where Twilight finished off Nightmare Moon, it was probably the glowing eyes that got me so interested, I dunno... XD Ever since that day, I've been watching more episodes of the show, drawing stuff, writing my own personal fanfics on it, and all that.. I started drawing at a really young age. I started teaching myself how to draw in 2008, I started with Sonic The Hedgehog... XD I then got better year by year. In 2010, I started shading. I got really good at many different kind of drawing skills quickly too. I started doing origami in 2008, the next year I got alot more better, the year after that, I took it to one of the highest levels, making your own advacnced designs. I started digital drawing in 2012, started with the mouse touch pad built in the laptop. several months later, I got a tablet, a week later, I finally started using it. I started doing aluminum foil art in 2012, I got really good at turning it into thing rather quickly. In the beginning of this 7th grade school year, I started making scorpians & many different kinds of mystical or fantastic creatures. I started doing spiritual stuff such as telekinesis 2 weeks after the beginning of school. Right now is currently around my 9th month of spiritual awakening. I'm really hard working in school too. I also do parkour around lots of stuff. I've even done meny crazy unusual things too! XD I'm constantly doing so many things at once, I'm actually slowly getting used to doing that. Art is a hobby of mine... I'm currently working on concepts for "Equilibrium" It's based on Kingdom Hearts. Inspired by Kingdome Hearts & Overbit Chaos. Related to Etherial Era. I liked the show just because it's funny, it teaches a lesson about friendship in almost every episode, I know it may be girly, but it's entertaining! (And I liked some of the ponies in the show... >.> <.<) So uhh, I hope this was a good introduction, I'm not very well with them...