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Everything posted by Peachy Pie

  1. OMG. The best episode yet. Anypony else catch that amazing Big Lebowski reference? <3333



      I know it's not about what your status update is about, but i'm here to wish you a happy birthday :)

  2. Call it what you want, but me and Kurt have something special that can't be labled.
  3. I also came here from 3DS forums. I'd follow Kurtiss to the darkest corners of the earth ♥
  4. Call me Twilight, cause I be chillin in the library!
  5. I've officially lost my boyfriend to BF3. /sigh

  6. I think I'm done tweaking my profile for a while now! Eet eez beautiful.

    1. Zoop


      Great avatar!

    2. Peachy Pie

      Peachy Pie

      Gummy made it for me! Isn't he the best? :D

  7. I'm officially a lefty, but probably about 70% ambidextrous.
  8. My avatar > everyone else's avatar (if it ever decides to upload :<)
  9. They just keep getting better.

  10. Oh I wish I had more time for MLP forums. I miss you guys! D:

  11. UH HUH. Peeeeach. Oh Peeeeach! Make me a hotel! Peeeeach! Make me a storage building! Peeeeaaach! Build Ponies!
  12. I was forced into buying it in July. Thankfully, it's one of the best purchases I've ever made.
  13. I had the best night ever, despite getting 2 hours of sleep. Bring on the Tylenol! ♥

  14. - I don't really drink beer too much, but I do enjoy a nice Alexander Keith's Indian Pale Ale every once in a while. - Anything with tequila. - As for silly girly mixed drinks, I quite enjoy WKD Blue and Jack Daniels lemonade.
  15. For some reason... I can't stop listening... to Katy Perry... UGH.

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    2. Kevinsky


      Is because you're a California girl?

    3. Peachy Pie

      Peachy Pie

      I think it's because I'm extra terrestrial.

    4. Crispy


      So THAT'S what happened last Friday night.

  16. Enjoying a nice relaxing day before a nice relaxing class this evening. 'Tis the life.

  17. Hush. http-~~-// I have music ADD today.
  18. Sometimes it's freaky when you find the perfect song for the current situation you're in. This is pretty much my theme song.
  19. I'd take Gummy, just because he's so damn cute. That or Rarity, so we could be the belles of the ball. I love getting completely dolled up to go out, thus the perfect choice for moi.