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  1. I saw something about a French horn being a woodwind...? Thy only time they have anything to do with each other is in a woodwind quintet, which is comprised of a flute, an oboe, a clarinet, a bassoon and a French horn. (I'm in one, we always pick on our horn player. : P ) As for my favorite category... I'd definitely have to say woodwinds. I'm a little biased, I'll admit (I play flute) (and piccolo), but pretty much all my favorite instruments are woodwinds (except for trombones, 'cause bones are awesome). Flutes are nice, but I prefer clarinets and oboes in solo repertoire. My bestest friend ever plays clarinet (extremely well) and his phrase shaping just...uurrrr it just gives me chills. The same goes for oboes, and they have such a lovely pure sound (when played well). (Plus oboe is super fun to say.)
  2. Today was monumentally sucky. We were outside in 90 degree heat for seven hours marching, then I went to my car to go home only to realize I had left my lights on and my car was completely dead. That would have been fine, 'cause my friends had jumper cables, but my clicker was broken as well, so I couldn't get into the car to pop the hood or turn it on or anything. So now I have to wait for my mom to drive down there with thr spare key and jump the thing so I can get home and take a shower. Bleeeck.
  3. My day has been really tiring... Marching band takes it out of you. But now I can watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and relax. My feet are killing me. e3e Still a good day though, 'cause I love marching band.
  4. I had another good day today~ Got plenty of sleep, finished painting my new dresser, got some more packs of mystery ponies... Umm...did my last bits of practicing before my flute gets sent off...oh, and my sister came over for a bit, that was fun. Pretty much just a normal, lazy Sunday. Watched some Adventure Time and shows about mummies.
  5. I was a little shocked as well. I was pretty sure, of all the forums I could have chosen to be on, that a pony forum would the most accepting. And usually they are, but...just not that particular one.
  6. I'm as gay as gay can be. (My ponysona is a drag queen for godsakes. ) I've actually been shunned from one particular pony forum for making my sexuality known, but I always do it anyway. (Mostly because people assume I'm a girl if I don't and I'm just a tiny bit sick of it.) But I was just like, "You're grown, straight men who watch MLP, is someone being gay really that big an issue?" And apparently it was. I've had a lot of better forum experiences since then though, so that's good.
  7. Nope, it's definitely Saturday! Getting up early isn't fun...but at least you could still have a good day. I hate getting up early, but I have to do it on the weekdays.
  8. I'm surprised no one had a bad day today. At least, no one that posted here. I guess Saturdays are just lazy days for everyone! My Saturday got even better with the addition of homemade banana nut muffins and flute practice time. But I have to send away my flute for maintenance soon...so that'll be a not-so-good day. But today was really awesome~
  9. That sounds really fun! I'm gonna have to try that sometime. o3o Hooray for having summer off~ I wish I had some more summer...but I have marching band now, so I have to get up early and be out all day. -___-, Oh well, marching band is worth it. And my day just keeps getting better and better~ Popcorn and semi-sweet chocolate chips are the perfect combination.
  10. So much to write...so little time.

  11. Paragliding? That sounds awesome! Is it the same as parasailing? Do you jump out of a plane? Seems like everyone is having good days so far~ I'm gonna add on to mine by saying that my day has gotten even better, as I've been sitting around for the last 45 minutes designing characters and practicing drawing. And the drawings actually didn't suck, which was awesome. o3o
  12. (I'm amazed I couldn't find a thread like this already!) The title basically explains itself, but how was your day today? Good, bad, okay? Tell us why! Feel free to discuss things, or just post and run. Have a rant or a rave, I really don't care. To start, I've actually had a really good day. I got up at a reasonable hour for once, but still got enough sleep to recover from the first week of marching band. Got some painting done for my room...and hopefully I'll go see Pacific Rim (for the fourth time) this evening. If not, I'll probably watch Lord of the Rings for the millionth time. Pretty ideal day for me. (Now it's your turn.)
  13. My favorite organ is probably the colon, 'cause I love takin' a good poo. I have lots of favorite body parts... I like hands, feet, hips, backs and necks. I think they're sexy~ Especially big feet and hands with long, thin fingers.
  14. I don't think that's weird at all. I do the same thing, especially when I'm listening to music. I'm a furry, so I pretty much always fantasize about being some kind if animal, and ponies are just so cute~ As long as someone is fully aware that they aren't an animal, and they don't get too crazy about it, I think fantasizing about being an animal is just fine.
  15. I can't remember exactly when I became a brony, but I know it was sometime near thr beginning of last summer. As for how, I originally hated ponies and thought everyone who liked them were stupid and annoying. But after awhile, I admitted that was stupid of me to do, so I sucked up my pride and watched the show, and I loved it. Now I'm an even bigger brony than the people I was criticizing beforehand. I got even more into it when one of my friends got me into making pony OCs.