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  1. On of my the most favourite dances.
  2. I dunno, did Apples suspect anything while Pinkie lived with them instead of Applejack. And what did Celestia mean while she said, that Twilight still can suspect on her support? another orders about Equestria's resque, cause i can't remember any different kinds of her help.
  3. Ya, it was nice episode. Nightmare Moon finally came back, I missed her so much <3. She's my favorite minor character, just like Zekora.
  4. Well, the most obvious answer for me is Fluttershy. She is infinitely cute, adorable, graceful and charming. And she makes you want to protect her from all the bad things in this world - thus it allows a man to be a man.
  5. Well, chinchilla looks like a cross between a hamster and a rabbit. But i mostly like ferrets for sure, they are they are so funny and playful.
  6. (sorry if there's already such topic) So, what do you prefer in reading, my dear friend? I used to be a big fan of S.King. Butt last time i carried away of dystopies like Orwell's 1984 or Huxley's Brave New World. Well, everyone here should feel free to share their experiences or ask for advice about something. And remember:
  7. I think so too. Its normal, i guess, no one likes to be in the company of people is not caring about their appearance at all. Dont you think that no one would ever show sympathy to those who looks like a homeless ? I'm not talking about of any obsession with glamor - I just mean decent tidy appearance.
  8. I'll tell him to play Heroes of Might and Magic 3.58. Best single strategy i've ever played. And i'll also tell him never play DotA2. I played it for a 3 years - so, believe, I know what I'm talking bout.
  9. Maybe my variant isnt enough funny, but its very cute. I live in an apartment sister last week while she is away, and all this time the cat was mildly not enthusiastic about my community - it's very hard to get used to strangers. So,you can imagine my surprise when last morning i woke up cuz my sis's cat was licking my hand.
  10. I always wanted a ferret or chinchilla They are cute, fluffy and unruly. Now i have a cat, i've never had a dog and i realy dont like dogs. And small dogs such as Chihuahuas annoy me too much.
  11. I guess they wont. Twilight is an important part of a mane6 (maybe slightly more important than other members) and friendship is integral part of her life for sure.
  12. Step one: image what would Flutterhy do at my place. Step two: run as fast as i can, lol. But seriously, what am i suppose to do. I couldnt help her with fight against prince anyway.
  13. I think many of us are in a similar situation. So sad that our community has so big wall called "Steriotip". And the principle "didnt watch but blame" is too common now.
  14. I think its no point to tell them - anyway they wouldnt accept this fact. And its no point too in trying to convince them that it is not only cartoon for ten-years-old girls. But i dont blame them for this. It's just result of their education.
  15. Its not such good thing as it sounds. What about me: 1. MLP is real. 2. Fluttershy's love (sic!) (are such wishes allowed?) That's enouhg.