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  1. Happy birthday to you, hope you have a nice day today <3

  2. Big Macintosh needs an episode and so does Princess Celestia! It would be really cool if in season four Hasbro decided to give like a few of the fan favorites a bigger part in the episode or have an episode where the mane six aren't the focus where it's a few other ponies. I agree with Scootalove that Princess Celestia and Luna should have a episode about their pasts. That would be so awesome! Like the whole like "How did they get here?" "Who are their parents?" and other questions could be answered. That would be really neat!
  3. I think Alicorn OCs are alright if done right. You know if it's like something for a story or something and they're not like as others have stated odd colours or broken horns and wings and they fit in that's alright. I do agree that making an alicorn OC is sort of over powered because in the show Princess Luna and Princess Celestia are for all intensive purposes gods. However I do like their graceful appearance to them and that could draw some people into making alicorn OCs. To each their own really. I'm alright with alicorn OCs if they're done tastefully.
  4. What I day dream the most? Well... It's hard to say. Lately I've been day dreaming about being able to do a lot of insane tricks on my longboard anad getting sponsored by someone and I'd love that! And when I've been a bit sad or lonely I think about petting Pinkie Pie and her telling me to smile. It does help! That's definently one of the things the show and fandom has done to help brighten my life a bit. But long story short. I day dream about ponies and longboarding.
  5. Alright! Can't wait to hear some of your music! I love Acoustic guitar!
  6. This was a really neat episode! I really enjoyed everything about the episode and it truly felt like a holiday classic. Although I feel like it doesn't receive a lot of attention because it conflicts with a lot of head cannon that we assumed was true. I mean it very well could fit though. I can't wait to watch it again!
  7. Oh the Canterlot Wedding. What can I say about this episode that hasn't been said before??? It was so amazing! Like you know when I saw the commercials I was like "Oh how neat a wedding." I figured that this was going to be a little sweet thing where there was a small problem like the cake was missing or something and the ponies have to search Canterlot for a cake. And I was pretty excited for it I mean more ponies who couldn't love that? So on the day the wedding was supposed to premiere I didn't roll out of bed and on to my PC to see the wedding I did some stuff around the house first ,but then I joined a Xbox Live party with some Bronies in it and by the way they were talking something big happened and they asked if I watched the wedding and I said no and they said go watch it now. And it truly was the most amazing thing I've ever watched! There are not many things I have watched that made me actually sit down and take a minute to reflect. I had to sit down and just think. I remember thinking to myself "This is a thing that happened. They know Bronies exist." The whole thing was amazing! The whole story was just spectacular. I felt truly worried for the well being of the ponies! I knew that everything would be alright in the end ,but at the same time there was an uneasiness like maybe something really bad would happen to the ponies and the solution would be found next season or something. And Queen Chrysallis truly felt evil; everything about her screamed evil. Then when she defeated Celestia I was at the edge of my seat. The writers did an amazing job of writing this episode; everything felt so real and that they knew about us Bronies and cared! I have showed this episode to a few other people and they've all said they really liked it. I watched it with someone rather recently and they had about the same reaction I did to it. They also like the show ,but they are trying to catch up and I'm watching the episodes with them while they catch up and I showed him the wedding and he was just amazed that this happened. He got the same chills I did about Chrysallis as did I. Long story short: This episode was amazing and left me speechless.
  8. Nice to meet you! Same here! You'll definitely be able to talk about the show here! I'd love to hear your music! What type of music do you play?
  9. Welcome to the forum! I'm always glad to see another Brony on the forum!
  10. Thank you everypony! I'm so glad to have met all these new people! This is so neat! Thanks for all the replies!
  11. I believe Starswirl was probably Celestia's first student. Which then begs the question how many other students has Celestia had? I also agree he's sort of like Merlin or King Arthur. I would say that he taught Celestia and Luna ,but since Celestia and Luna are both god-princesses I feel like what ever knowledge of spells or such would have been granted to them upon becoming Alicorns or being born and they over threw Discord when they reached a certain age or when Discord became a more pressing threat on the pony way of life. Or maybe Starswirl taught himself and worked hand in hand with Celestia and Luna and discovered the magic of friendship.
  12. Hmm... I think a good name for Button's Mom would have to stem from her cutie mark which is a bottle and a heart so maybe Tender Love? Or Tender Heart? (That's a name for a Carebear I think isn't it?) It's sort of hard to think of a name. If she was just called Button's Mom I would be happy ,but that wouldn't fit with her cutie mark very well.
  13. Oh. I can't wait to go to Build a Bear and make a Rainbow Dash and a Pinkie Pie plushy! I saw a girl walking around with one a few days ago while I was scouting for a place to longboard and it looked to be of good size or unless there's a bigger one out there. I only have a G3 Pinkie Pie plushy ,but I so can't wait to get a BaB Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie! I hope they come pre-built though so I don't have to brave the line ,but kissing the heart that goes in them would be really cute though!
  14. They also have a limited edition sparkly Pinkie Pie which I just got at Hot Topic. There were only like two left and one had a damaged box and the guy got the other from the back room. Apparently they can't even use their store credit on it so I figure it's something good right?
  15. Thanks! I understand I was sort of scared that it was going to be really popular ,but then fizzle out after the first season ,but it's still here! Thanks! Can't wait to post more! Thanks! Thanks a bunch! So many new welcomes! I love it! I bet I could make quite a few friends on the forum! Thanks!! I'm glad to be here! I love the forum already!! This is so neat! Thanks! I will do! Thanks a bunch for all the welcomes!