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  1. It started as a way of collecting twitter and facebook info for hoofsounds's musicians.js to auto tag the artist when you twitted or liked a song via hoofsounds. Then Archive Alicorn gave me the idea to make a people.api for use in many projects, or just a way to get intouch with others. http://stats.vman315.com/bronydatabase/json/artists.php?pretty=1 I just need to go through and add the info should a simple google query return it.
  2. An api/json would be nice, much like EQBeats. It would be nice to work it into my current bronydatabase project.
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    Aww, shucks. Thanks all. Have a random pony or two. Because why not. The pony will change when you refresh the page Rewrite mods are fun.
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    Well I just registered and decided to look for the newbs thread, found it, commencing post of words. username everywhere: vman315 Nickname (responds to): Oatmeal Likes: Learning new things, PHP, breaking things and trying to fix it, music, my computers, TF2, helping others where I can, a good story, animation, and clearly ponies. Oh and I like to ramble. Dislikes: Arrogance (thinking of your target comsumers as idiots), not being able to figure something out, and when people do stupid things because "it's easier this way." Favorite pony: Fluttershy Music: I like alot of things, and I like to collect music. My current music libary is some where around 170 GB's. Occupation: Mortgage (sadly) /**Back story**/ I am me, that's all I ever will be. I have a little site where I test things, or try my hand at things. If you have ever seen simplybrony's web page, that's my boredom. I was not supposed to touch it but come on all it was a page nothing more then a 1.5em block of red for the header, an link panel that was oversized and empty, and a footer containing the only text that was in a 2px font. I started to play with it, the owner liked what I done, then decided to get my own little place on the web. Thanks to no-ip I got a little thing going, I like it. I used to be the guy that took care of the TF2 servers for simplybrony, but due to the fact that he lacked drive to make any events on steam even though they are part of the EQD steam group. I did however during my time working with them learn alot. I got my old crashie Dashie gaming pc and installed ESXI 5, and started to host myself a couple of vm's. I will help you out where I can and will do what I can to help. TL:DR: I made the poorly made simplybrony website, have an esxi server that I want to have children with, I know my way around a TF2 server's backend, like to learn, and ramble alot.