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  1. Hello everyone me and my friend are starting of a DayZ Standalone Bandit Clan for Bronies only :3. Q. How can I join? A. Add me (-BOC- Stg Derpy) and I will test you in Dayz to see if you are good enough to join Q. What age's do you have to be? A. 13-18 Q. If I just joined Dayz Standalone Can I Join? A. Yes, We will also teach you how to play tactical. So here are something's that we will do to random players 1. Kill On Sight 2. Kidnap And Execute 3. Arrest Them And Let Them Die Of Hunger/Dehydration
  2. But what I said about the san Francisco shooting they got away no charges and are on the force to this day which is bull**** how can a human live after killing a innocent person.
  3. This Is Ridiculous that U.S Police get away of murdering/Injuring innocent people for crimes they did not commit like the incident in San Francisco when police shot and killed a man who was mentally ill in a wheel chair and he did nothing wrong which is horrifying and disturbing how someone can kill a person who cant deafened themselves. Also there is major problems because we all know the U.S police force is corrupt in almost all states because they whip out there handgun at every point like a toy gun even when that person has no weapon, couldn't they just take out a taser instead because its no lethal and it can knock some one on the floor but with a gun they think its more safe than a taser because it can kill in seconds. Now this is the horrible part the most disgusting thing ever, when they shoot some one about 75% of the time they don't call medical aid which leads to death in a few minutes and police still arrest them even if there injured or dead and that's just wrong. Sorry if it did not make sense its 4am
  4. My First Name Is A Origin Of Welsh And My Second Is Polish.
  5. Server IP: Team Speak IP: voice2.gamingdeluxe.co.uk:10048 Addons: Self Blood Bag, Deploy Bike, Admin Tools, Missions, Care Packages, Ammo Crates, Lift/Tow Cars, Weight System Removed, Base Decay, Starter Loadout, No Debris, And Lots More To Come. We Opened A Few Days Ago And We Need New Members.
  6. "The Goal Of Socialism Is Communism" -- Vladimir Lenin "When There Is State There Can Be No Freedom, But When There Is Freedom There Will Be No State" -- Vladimir Lenin Two Of My Most Favourite Quotes From The Leader Of The October Revolution.
  7. This Is F***ing sick how a human can do this to another fell man even if they are furrys it does not matter they still are humans. Also people who say "this is good" or "they deserved it" go look what Chlorine gas does. Here is what I found on a Government website "Most Harmful Chlorine exposures are the result of inhalation. Health effects typically begin within seconds to minutes. Following chlorine exposure, the most common symptoms are: Airway irritation Wheezing Difficulty breathing sore throat cough chest tightness Eye Irritation Skin Irritation" I hope who did this get brought to justice of his crimes I hope he gets a life sentence.
  8. Just Add Me On Steam "{Para} WuBz_Da_Boss If You Wish To Join. One I Have Accepted You, You Will Get A Link Download All The Addons In The Collection To Get 0 Errors Have A Nice Day This Is Not A 24 Hour Server This Is Just Hosted By Me.
  9. So When I was in London I picked up some Military Uniform/Gear Its A small collection. Soviet Air Force Cap Dated 1957 GP-5 Gas Mask Dated 1971 I am buying a Uniform Soon But I'm Low on money.
  10. WuBz

    OC drawing

    Hi guys I have not posted in quite a bit so here's some art work I did of my OC Hope You Like it
  12. Different music for different level's /)^3^(\ WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO is best Rainbow dash /) brohoofs for days
  13. Yea survival game until death like ARMA II you lose to much blood you pass out or die here's what the music should sound like Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVB5wvigAgk
  14. Sad and depressing music like in Call of duty one that makes the player feel upset about Equestria at war building falling to that ground pony's dying all around you