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  1. Anybody entertained the idea that the rocks Pinkie's family farmed contained The Spice? (Brohoof to whoever gets that reference)
  2. I just think that the world would be a better if no one was addicted to anything. not addicted as in "does a lot" but if no one was given over to something psychologically and physically binding like, say, meth. I'm making very vauge, sweeping statements, but that's cause I haven't had a conversation like this in weeks. I agree that being a friendly and giving hand-ups when the opportunity presents itself is something everyone should strive for. Man, how'd a thread on Pinkie get so heavy?
  3. Very insightful, that's the kind of sober second thought (or overthought) that I was looking for! It wasn't about distraction to me, just good clean fun that rendered drugs and drinking overmuch "obsolete."
  4. Put on your reading glasses everybrony, this post is kinda long. Remember when a particularly POed Fluttershy basically said that Pinkie Pie's passion in life (cakes, parties est.) was trivial? It would seem that a a pony who's calling in life is to party has nothing to give to society, right? WRONG! Note how Pinkie's Parties are really fun (ie. a great way to kick back), but have no drugs, sex, alcohol, or any other things that people get addicted to? (I know I'm over thinking this, pony society and all, but hey if you're reading this post, I Imagine you're game for some over thought yourself!) I imagine that these parties are so fun that no addictive substances are needed to liven things up. If that's the case, than party ponies like Pinkie Pie are key to a society free of vice! Imagine how easier (and family-friendly) life would be if no-one ever got addicted to, say heroin, or alcohol. Crack-caterers like Pinkie-Pie would render these things obsolete! (even in moderation) "Dry- Fridays" aside, think of Smile, Smile, Smile: how she lives to make everyone happy, and is adept at doing so: She knows everyone's name, is not bound by distance or walls, knows when you're sleeping, knows when you're awake, knows when you feel sad or good... you get the point. Pinkie: The anti-drug of anti-drugs. so am I crazy and right, or just crazy? What do you think of Pinkie's passion?
  5. So, wait, I'm not the only one who dislikes the crusaders? I thought I was some kind of heretic! Dislike, for me is too strong now. I think "Disprefer" sums up my Guilda-esque shunnage of CCC better. For me, my chagrin for the three fillies comes down to two things: 1: Cognitive Dissonance: As a new brony, I found it hard enough to convince myself others that I wasn't becoming a pedophile without a bunch of episodes being devoted to especially young ponies. (apparently, I had forgotten how to recognize and appreciate cutie) there's another reason; that was, and still is, more prominent on my mind: 2. Dammit! Another episode that isn't about Rainbow Dash!
  6. ^ I be liking this! You sent it on over to Equestria Daily yet?
  7. I am well aware that the events in the show were not meant to be ambiguious: show a big problem (fluttershy getting walked all over) show change, show what happens when new style (assertivness backed by rhymed mantras) is taken beyond it's logical extremes. then fix. But still! You'd think that everypony in town would respect Fluttershy for her undying kindness, but insdead they just take it for granted! None of the townsfolk complained when Fluttershy brought the pain! and you know what? they had no right to! At first I was all like "Damnit, why you talking to 'Shy like that? DON'T YOU KNOW WHO SHE IS?" then I realized that ponies don't watch MLP, so no. skip ahead to Fluttershy putting her hoof down on the town and all I had to say was: "Well ponyville, you didn't reward her kindness, why are you surprised she gave up?" I wouldn't call the "new Fluttershy" a bitch, the town in this episode had it coming. but after what she said to Pinkie Pie, I'm glad she's gone... "new Fluttershy" I mean. and before I go, Angel! Didn't he hear about biting the hand that feeds you?
  8. That clip... Thank you! It is definitely bestwelcome!
  9. Rainbow Dash is my favourate too. It may be because I wish I was tougher, more assertive, and a bit less of an "egg head". But the real reason: She can clear the skies in ten seconds flat. Living on the wet coast, where it almost always rainy or overcast, that is... *sniff* Just... Awesome!
  10. Yes, It also has occurred to me that I have thought about this subject quite enough. My "BIG post" is getting a lot of likes though. If one of you want's to post that as a funny pic, you have my permission to do so! I can see it now; in demotivational format: PONY SHIPPINGS: serious business! Imma stop following this thread before it consumes my sanity.
  11. Greetings fellow bronies, and pegasisters! I am New2Color. So named, because I'm fond of 'tactical' shooters, (not much colour, according to critics) focus on all the negative things in the world (despite being an exceptionally well-to-do Canadian) and live in the west coast: where mother nature has determined to make us all depressed through overcast skies and incessant rain. MLP is a nice change of pace. I don't play Tactical shooters much anymore. because ponies, and because there's no teamwork. In case you were wondering: My favorite ponies are Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle in that order. As a psych major, and a Brony, I tend to overthink things and make long posts. sometimes trying to deal with counterpoints before I press send. Lastly, I am aware that my Psychology voodoo may be powerless to make sense of equestria's inhabitants. After all,the "hard" science of Physics' "verniable" laws,are considered more like guidelines! That means that my "nambi-pamby" soft science probably doesn't stand a snowballs chance on winter wrap up! But if you think that's gonna stop me from being a smartypants...
  12. I'mma go out on a limb here and assume you are from a westernized culture such as my own: Canada Some preachers I've heard have observed that westerners such as myself tend to "compartmentalize" every part of our lives. Use this to your advantage. You can easily go from being a typical brony online to say, a typical mechanic at work. Psychologist have proven that people act differently in different situations. this is how an extroverted captain of a sports team can function in a lecture hall. This is also how you can keep your non- brony friends; what they don't know won't hurt them. To me, MLP is a nice change from the usual "grimdark" and "Serious Business" kinda stuff that guys my age (especially myself) tend to fill their heads with. Besides, being a brony doesn't prohibit you from watching something "normal for your age and gender." For instance, I watched the GCI Beowulf movie last night, and then went on to Equestria Daily when it was over. Different situations, different dispositions. another way to assuage your discomfort with harmony is to familiarize yourself with some "fan theories" around the show. Some examples would be "Tyrant Celestia" "Rainbow Dash's sexuality" the list goes on. Know your meme is a good place to find these "theories." Be warned, doing so may change your perception of certain characters in ways that turn an innocent show scarring!
  13. Ever think about the potential for identity issues spike could have? His growth has been suspended by ponies. He's been raised by ponies. He speaks the pony language, but for all we know doesn't know how to speak to dragons, and has been taught against greed and other dragonly things (like burninating). Now, MLP is just a kids show keeps grimdark stuff like identity crises out of cannon, and I hope that never changes. Spike trying to answer inner questions like: "Who... What AM I? What could I have been? What have these ponies cheated me of?" by traveling, in search of his own kind, and a place in the world has the potential for a good fanfic. Alot better than a Fancy Pants x Rarity shipping. Honestly, I hope I haven't derailed this thread or anything!
  14. I can't be the only one to have thought of it. I'm still wondering on the implications of two shippings, and over thinking the both of them in my second post ever.
  15. As a psychology student, I think that I can offer a fresh perspective on the whole spike x rarity thing. While opposites attract, similarities stick. with a few exceptions, one is more likely to have a happier, stronger, and longer more-than-friendship with someone who has a similar personality, shares your interests, religion, ect. and species aside, Spike and Rarity aren't similar at all. Just think back to how the two saw the heart shaped ruby: Spike saw it as a particularly deluxe dinner. Rarity saw it as an excellent addition to her regal wardrobe. Now think of Fancy Pants and Rarity's similarity: -Both are "Canterlot types," -both are well dressed, and proud of it, -both are generous, -both are willing to put their status and respect on the line to stand up for their friends. (Rarity, when Fluttershy was cursed on the fashion show. Fancy Pants, in defense of Twilight Sparkle's unfinished dress, [made by Rarity.]) I just don't think that Spike can compete with that, even if he wasn't Twilight's... ah, secretary. I'm not sure if this will ever really come up in an episode. You may very well say "but you can't compete for true love!" I respect your opinion, good strawbrony, but that begs the question, Does Spike love Rarity, or does he just like the way she looks? I mean, think about it! Does spike praise her inner beauty, or her looks, posture, elegance est? I'm not calling Spike superficial or anything, he's just got a crush on someone he doesn't know that well. We've all been there.