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  1. Just writing to ask about if anyone here plays EVE Online. Just started a pony themed Corporation for Everfree Northwest and I am curious if anyone would like to join.
  2. Are Nicole Oliver and Mark Oliver related? Been wondering about this for months now, but I've been leaning on 'no' since Oliver is kind of a common last name.
  3. Occasionally I find gems on /mlp/, I always find humor in threads when OP whines about why /mlp/ exists.
  4. Yeah about that.... When Black Reach was first released, it was worth it, but since they keep raising the price on those things every other time I visit, they don't seem as cheap as they once were. I think they run at around $120 now days. Save $400-$700?!? What in Holy Terra are you going to get, a Titan? If your unsure whether or not you wish to invest yourself in the game, get one of those new Citadel Finecast packs to play around with. If all else fails, they'd be a decent RPG model. I plan on bringing my Imperial Guard as well. Gonna see if my Valkyrie is legal first though, if not then I have plenty of conscripts to fill in the requirements.
  5. It easy when you set limits to your list. The most reasonable path to get into the game is to buy a single squad, never buy those army boxes. Even though it's technically a complete army, the amount of models you have to assemble/paint is a bit overwhelming and buyers remorse usually sets in after a while. How I got into the Imperial Guard is I just bought a single squad, then sort of built it up from their.
  6. I can probably make this into a thing. If I do, the plan is to only being Combat Patrol games. That is: 400 point limit No models with 2+ saves No models with more than 1 wound (swarm units are the only exception) No vehicles with a total armour value greater than 33 (front + side + rear) Must have 1 HQ choice Must have 1 Troop choice. Thankfully these games don't last more than 20 minutes, so we don't need to worry about those loooong apocalypse games. If there are enough people who want to have this done, I'll bring it up at the next meeting or something. I've been looking for an opportunity to show off my Fluttershy themed Valkyrie.
  7. crossovers that involve warhammer is always hilarious to me.
  8. Heh, organized. We will try and strife for perfection.
  9. It's alright. Things haven't gotten any better, lol. Still the same grimdark goodness. I think we've gone back in time a little, because the 13th Black Crusade pretty much began on the last day of the 41st millennium; but then nothing ever goes beyond that. Even though the Medusa Campaign was years later, it's canon date is before the 13th BC.
  10. Eve Online Team Fortress 2 Dawn of War 2 Garry's Mod Fallout New Vegas Those have been the games I've been playing recently.