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  1. Meh, I've kind of gotten over being alone there. Actually, I've decided to only go for an autograph or two. I have absolutely no interest in socializing or "making friends" or participating in games. I only want to chill out alone in my room and I'll probably see one of my relatives there. So it worked out.
  2. I suspect they asked because it's extremely unusual for a male to be interested in MLP prior to G4. Either that or you're about to be hit on. Well, too bad for them. I'm only going for the autographs. Other than that, I'll be locked up alone in my hotel room.
  3. I've collected MLP since the early '90s, and have enjoyed each generation since.
  4. Thanks everyone. Luckily, even if I don't attend, I have relatives here in Seattle and I can spend time with them. The closer it gets to the convention, the less thrilled I am to go...so I may or may not show up, and honestly I don't feel like I'll be missing out on much (Missing out on huge rowdy crowds and tight spaces? Yeah, that sounds good.) I'll prolly go to get one autograph, but as for everything else, meh.
  5. Thanks! Hehe a shy person's group would be fun. At this point, I bought my ticket and everything but I'm majorly considering more and more just not going. I'm too shy, and I'm growing disappointed. But that would be a major waste of a ton of money, so I dunno.
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