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  1. Surprise? Ahaha... ha... ha... hah... 'Cause that'd be funny.
  2. I didn't know about your comic until I saw it linked here. It's absolutely hilarious! I'll have to get you to sign my conbook while I'm there if you don't mind.
  3. I'll have to stop by! I love getting commissions at cons.
  4. I love cruising artist alley at cons so I'll have to hit you up while I'm there!
  5. Oh, hey. I'm Fangasm. My girlfriend and I will be attending the con this year and we're super excited for it! We'll be driving up from the bay area of California. We'll also be cosplaying as Mr. and Mrs. Cake if all goes right! I love video games, tabletop RPGs, Magic the Gathering, drawing, writing, whimsical shows like MLP and Doctor Who as well as a multitude of other things. I'm also thinking about proposing to my girlfriend at the con *cough*. Hopefully she won't see this since she's not the most social of ponies.
  6. Oh, um... hi! I'm from the bay area too. :3