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  1. Thank you but I'm going to go, I tried to do some bronies friends but it was impossible. Maybe I'll come back someday.
  2. this is from last year, what's up bronies? woop (:
  3. Well then I think gay bronies are kinda shy! I think the brohoofs are "facebook likes" but don't mean so much actually
  4. To all gay bronies I'm looking for new bronies friends (: I'm gay woop!
  5. Woop! My first picture of the year from the last year (: What's up Bronies?
  6. Oh! it's 2014! Happy ne year woop! What's up handsome bronies (:
  7. Anyone_here



    Oh my! Gummy! I love it lol
  8. Oh oh! I'm playing minecraft 1.7 right now! I'll build a candy city and a big bunny sculpture!