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  1. Technology

    There was an 800M series, based on the Kepler architecture, and was only used for laptop. It used to, Nvidia would introduce a new architecture, and then refine it for a new series, going all the way back to Tesla 8 series. Maxwell was the only desktop GPUs that was only used for a single generation. Pascal looks to be the same way. The jump to Pascal from Maxwell wasn't too far off the jump from Kepler 700 series to Maxwell. A 970 is roughly equal to a 780Ti, like how a 1070 is roughly equal to a 980Ti.
  2. Mire
  3. DICE is perfectly capable of making great games, but then EA comes in and completely ruins them.

  4. General

    It may look like beer, but it's actually respect women juice.
  5. I was browsing memes while listening to the Soviet anthem. I'm now browsing ourours.

    1. SomeCoffee


      Listening to babushka music instead of hardbass :blink:



      I kid, I kid, I like both and if anything I like russian orchestras and operas more :ooh:


  6. The guy who designed that corner should be taken into a dark room and be beaten.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Kyoshi


      Never heard of this one. Seems neat. That turn seems like a royal pain in the face though.

    3. Ninetales


      Oh, nascar.

      I dont usually follow that ki nd of sport, but yeah thst cirner sucks. Thats not a curve, thats a sharp 90 degree sngle

    4. Kyoshi


      That is definitely not Nascar.

  7. Only the middle of November, and I've gotten ideas on what to get my parents and my brother for Christmas.

    1. PuddingPonyPal


      Same with me! I love giving gifts. :)

  8. My dream of becoming a meme will finally be realized.
  9. I went and did it. I bought a 1440p ultrawide with G-Sync and up to a 120Hz refresh rate. But I only paid just over $1,100 for it.

  10. Nail
  11. I'll file this one under Badass.
  12. Food

    I think we're all in agreement that ketchup goes on the sides.
  13. Fox body Mustang: the official car of "Hey! Watch 'is!"

  14. @Mortar That particular generation of Viper is probably the best. I personally like the one I posted since it's a fair bit of 90's nostalgia for me. I remember using that car a lot in Gran Turismo. It was also one of the first supercars I've ever seen, in that color too. It was also one of the most dominant GT cars of all time. Not everyone can say they've won against prototype cars in a GT car. It was only until Corvette Racing got their car right that they managed to dethrone the Viper. Maybe someday I can have one of my own...
  15. I wonder if I would actually gain followers if if I re-enabled it.