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  1. This is all my vector says about me: "skbl17 has a ponysona." "skbl17 likes to make vectors." "skbl17 wears glasses."
  2. Well, we know from the show and the chapter books that at least two of the alicorns (ascended Twilight and Princess Cadance) are "made", as both of them were previously other races: Twilight was a unicorn and Cadance was a pegasus. As far as I'm concerned, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia have always been alicorns - no canon material disputes that - so it is possible that alicorns can be "born" and not just "made". Now, there hasn't been any piece of information in canon material that explicitly says that alicorns cannot be born. Hey, if it's possible to have a pegasus and a unicorn born to earth pony parents through some strange family tree voodoo, anything is possible.
  3. - The current three-box BBC logo was adopted in 1997. - Atlanta used to be named after a governor's daughter (Marthasville). - Even though cars in both countries drive on the right, most trains in France and Argentina move on the left. - While most of the U.S. drives on the right, vehicles in the U.S. Virgin Islands drive on the left. - There is a city in Washington (Point Roberts) where you must drive through Canada to reach the rest of the state. Hey, you wanted random facts.
  4. Donating to the site and having an amazing username and avatar!
  5. 365,216. Or 365.216, depending on whether you're in a country that uses decimal points to denote multiples of 1,000. Yes.
  6. Georgia state law requires that winners of lottery games have their names made available to the media. Considering the media, and considering the fact that I live in a major city, the first thing I'd do is NOT claim my winnings in Atlanta, but at a Georgia Lottery field office somewhere in rural Georgia. The last thing I want is for me to claim my winnings, then get mobbed (figuratively and literally) on my way out by the media or thugs. I know I'll get mugged by the IRS and the Georgia Department of Revenue, who will take 34% or so of my winnings. After claiming my winnings, I'd lay low for a while; get away from the U.S. for a few months, ask the USPS to suspend mail delivery, unlist my phone number(s), and probably get a lawyer no one in my family knows. After all that dies down, I'll likely set up a trust fund for my family, make some investments in U.S. and/or Swiss government bonds, donate 5%-10% or so to charity, set up an emergency fund with maybe 15% of my winnings in case everything goes to hell...then start spending money on random junk like cars.
  7. I'm very much introverted. Now, that doesn't mean I won't talk with you, and I can be a bit talkative with those I consider "good friends", but I'm a big fan of peace and quiet.
  8. One of the problems with modern Spongebob is that a lot of the original showrunners left after production of the 2004 movie, considering that it was intended to be the series finale. Since its uncancellation, Spongebob hasn't been the same; the post-movie seasons haven't been as good, yet Viacom seems intent on keeping the series alive just to act as a time-filling cash cow (ever notice how 80% of Nick's weekday schedule is endless Spongebob reruns?) Personally, I'd rather see Friendship is Magic end with the 2017 movie than risk Hasbro "zombifying" the series. End the series on a high note, in a way. Besides, it's not like the fandom will die when the show does. Plus, maybe the comic series will continue; after the Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM cartoon ended, the comics continued, following the same timeline until 2011 or so.
  9. I'd argue that I'm mostly phlegmatic, but with some melancholic-ness thrown in. These aren't 100% set in stone; I do occasionally have my choleric moments, especially regarding the "not much sleep" component.
  10. 19, so I'm about in the middle of the pack fandom-wise....I think.
  11. "Hey students, we've all decided to jam all of your exams into the one day before this long holiday break! Have fun breaking your minds from studying for six different exams!" Seriously? It's one of my biggest pet peeves with college, and it was a problem at my old high school as well.
  12. It's actually happened for anime I like. Weirdly, this is how I was introduced to 4chan's /a/ board and LiveJournal: it's only those two communities that have regular discussion on the anime, even if things do occasionally brush up against NSFW territory - mainly in the case of the former. But yes, it really does suck when something you like doesn't seem to have a visible community to talk with it about.
  13. You know the saying, "All good things must come to an end?" Well, I don't think this show is an exception. I think it would be good for FiM to wrap up after season 6 and the 2017 feature film. As OP indicated, there are signs that much of the current staff are moving on to other companies or higher positions within Hasbro itself. With story arcs being wrapped up, and there still being plenty of time to bring the series to an amazing close (the feature film isn't for another two years, after all). Besides, even after the show ends, there's still a huge fanbase that's churning out fanfics, fan episodes, conventions, and more. The spirit of Friendship is Magic doesn't have to die when the show does. Just whatever happens, don't pull a Spongebob and "revive" FiM after the movie.
  14. CMC CUTIE MARKS OMGWTFAJHSGVDJHVBKFBS...I wonder what will happen when Babs Seed returns to Ponyville....probably not much. All in all, a great episode. I will admit that I wasn't giving DT enough credit for most of the episode. Election? "She's going to win with slick campaigning, some of which will likely violate established electoral conventions." Lose the election? "She and Silver Spoon will just stuff the ballots, and if that fails, just wait for the perfect moment to bring Pipsqueak down in a recall election." Five years of DT's behavior lent itself to those kinds of thoughts...boy do I feel silly considering what happened at the end. Also, this has nothing to really do with anything, but Equestrian school boards are now canon! Yes yes yes, my headcanon is confirmed! I always knew there was more to Ponyville's public education than just "one-room schoolhouse in the middle of tiny rural town". It's a nice little bit of world building in my opinion. But yeah, good character development for Silver Spoon (the culmination of the thawing that began at the end of Family Appreciation Day,) and great character development for Diamond Tiara and the CMC. It took a lot of courage to help somepony who's been nothing but a bully to them for years. Great way to celebrate five years of FiM! Well, back to my roleplays.
  15. Happy fifth anniversary, Friendship is Magic!

  16. 349,785. Cruddy laptops suck.
  17. Yes, I finally got my laptop fixed! It's too bad it took a few days to move everything over. I miss the days when I had a lot of free time. :(

    1. FancyHorse


      But it's good your back. I missed you ^^

  18. 342,878 * Looks at MLP to-do backlog * Buck.
  19. After spending a few minutes on the roof of City Hall, looking to see what was the cause of all the commotion near Seaside Bazaar, Bright Idea decided that it was time to get off the roof. "Okay, I think it's about time we head back down. It looks like things over there have calmed down, and I don't think the police would be too happy if they found out I was technically spying on them." With her was the same mare from the presentation earlier. "You're right. I didn't think I'd spend this much time here....nonetheless, it wasn't bad." With that, the two of them left the roof. The mare left City Hall, but not long after Bright Idea went back into her office, she heard a knock at the door. "Come in," she said. The door opened, and a familiar figure entered. It was her Minister of Civil Defense. "Ms. Mayor, I understood that you wanted to speak to me about something?" Well, if she was going to tell him off, better now than later.
  20. That's not a bad idea. I don't plan on rebooting this for quite a while, anyway.
  21. ....*is this thing up*? Okay...finally, I can use MLP Forums again! Stupid cooling systems and flash drives having to break and screw up everything. So, Equestria Forward. Where are we? What are my plans? - Yes, it would be dishonest of me to not say that this roleplay has slowed down significantly, and especially as we're coming up to an important point. Initially, when I returned to MLP Forums in July after a very long hiatus, my intention was on continuing this roleplay from where it left off, no cancellations and no reboots. The story advanced to Friday morning, at last! All was peaceful until the doorknob attacked, shearing off my flash drive and rendering it useless. In an instant, I was without all of my Equestria-related data, including OC information and (unfortunately) my Equestria Forward stuff, including maps and some chickenscratched plans for a storyline of sorts. That got me thinking, with how slow the roleplay has moved in the last few months, and the fact that I could no longer access my EQF info, maybe it was time to consider a reboot. Hence, I made this blog post back on August 18. Needless to say, I am considering a reboot now. The blog post says that it will be rebooted, but I'm actually not 100% sold on that yet. If I do reboot this, however, I do plan on trying to maintain continuity with this version of the roleplay. Hence, all of the registrations would carry over (no need to re-register) and the juicy details I've posted on this thread would be transferred over. Also, I plan on creating a separate website to hold all that stuff (and more), instead of having to rely on a thumb drive to hold most of that information. So, I just thought I'd let you all know. I haven't made a final decision, but I'm weighing the future of this version of EQF.
  22. I've been away for a whole week now, because my laptop's cooling system broke. I've managed to get alternate arrangements, but I may post intermittently until I can get a replacement.
  23. Stupid laptop and its broken cooling system...y u barely let me use MLPForums?

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      Stupid laptops. they be plotting against us.