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  1. I'm not famous at all, especially considering the fact that I keep taking multi-month breaks and largely keep my posting to the Beyond Equestria subforum.
  2. Not counting college transit options, it's been two years since my last trip on public transit. Prior to mid-2016, I lived in an area that was pretty close to a train station, so instead of having to drive 35 miles each way to get to and from class, I would just drive 5-10 minutes to the closest rail station and take the train in. I will say that I never had any issues with either my train or bus commutes, and I actually kind of miss it. Now I live too far away for public transit to make any kind of commuting sense, even with the rush hour traffic jams.
  3. Typical summer weather here in Atlanta. Hot, humid, scattered "garden variety" thunderstorms in the afternoon and early evening.
  4. Here I am posting this reply minutes to 4 in the morning... I consider midnight to be too early, and during long vacations it's not uncommon for me to stay up until sunrise.
  5. The list is very, very long: wheat, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, eggs, bananas (I kid you not,)...let's just say that I never got to enjoy pizza or ice cream as a child.
  6. Happy New Year y'all! :)

  7. For many, many years I thought my eye color was black. They're actually brown.
  8. Not really; I care more about the content of your posts than the profile picture and signature. On mobile, the profile pictures are practically pinpricks anyway.
  9. I don't use "brony lingo", not even with the people I know to be bronies. That said, I've never been a huge fan of "20% cooler"; I don't know, it's just that whenever I hear that term, I always think, "Why 20%? Why not make it twice as cooler?"
  10. Snow in the South is rare. Snow in the South on Christmas Day is extremely rare. That's what made 2010 so magical; it's too bad I didn't take pictures. It all seems like just a distant memory, a far cry from the 72 degrees I saw today. What White Christmas?
  11. skbl17

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    414,188. 585,812 left to go!
  12. MLP. I've been a closet brony since 2011, and while my interest in the show has waned, I still read the occasional fanfic, participate in some MLP-related communities (this one and the MLP parts of Reddit,) write excessively long bits of lore, and make vectors for my OCs, so I've been going on five years now. By contrast, I was in the Sonic fandom for only about three years (2008-2011), and I'm not anything close to being a "member" of other fanbases.
  13. Looking back, the only difference between my internet self in 2009 and my internet self now is that when I write roleplay-related lore, at least the MLP ones make more sense than my old Sonic the Hedgehog ones. The verbosity is still there, though; I still have endless-block-of-text writing down pat.
  14. I love it when I don't have to drive in it. Thankfully, the last time my area had anything resembling a good snow event, I didn't have a driver's license. Of course, as a bit of a weather nerd, it kind of sucks to live in an area just far enough north to spend the winter pulling my hair out model-watching, but just far enough south that snow doesn't come every year.
  15. Another semester gone! Now to find my graphics tablet and learn how to use Photoshop...

  16. A little over a week ago; I honestly would have preferred even a regular cold to whatever I had. I didn't have much of an appetite, the head pain was horrible, the stomach pain was intense, I had a fever lasted a full day, I had to go to the bathroom every half hour....needless to say, I didn't have the energy to do much of anything. At least I'm all better now!
  17. skbl17

    General How's your spelling?

    I'd say that it's pretty good. That said, there are some words that I occasionally mess up, such as "occurred".
  18. The Olympics started today (no, really), and I don't approve of how my host broadcaster covers the Games, so much of my day could be summed up with this title: Peacockproofing, or How I Learned to Stop Complaining And Use VPNs.
  19. There is a built-in fan in my room, but it moves so fast that I fear it will fall off, so I don't use it much (at least until the speed issue is fixed). I use a portable fan whenever the AC doesn't work.
  20. A few years ago, I signed up to join another forum, but naive ol' me didn't actually read the rules. Five off-topic posts and one ridiculous thread later, I was permanently banned. It wasn't an IP ban though, so after a few days, I signed up again under a new username, actually read the rules, and now I'm a seasoned user (even though I don't post that much nowadays).
  21. I live in (metro) Atlanta, and my old college dorm is in sight of Coca-Cola's jail annex-looking headquarters. Admittedly, I do like my Coke products and rarely drink anything by PepsiCo, but that could just be a function of where I live. That said, my favorite soda is not made by Coca-Cola or PepsiCo, but by a Jamaican company (link is Walmart but I never buy this at Walmart).
  22. Wikia. Back when I was part of the Sonic fandom, I would make thousands of edits on its associated wikis, was behind one of the wiki's big CSS refreshes, and was even made a bureaucrat on the same wiki. From time to time, I'd pop in to other wikis and make edits there. After Wikia's controversial 2010 redesign, I dropped out of being an active Wikia user. I occasionally visit the MLP wiki to look through some of the pages, but I don't edit anymore and my Wikia page visits have probably dropped by at least 80%. Honorable mentions include: - Facebook (I don't have as much history wit
  23. skbl17

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    405,967. It takes a lot longer to count to a million than I expected.
  24. July 2016 update: All of this stuff is still valid. I will write a fanfic one of these days, and my companion site should be up before I return to college on August 22...assuming I don't keep breaking flash drives and having to redo all of my OC vectors. The original post follows. ----- Writing fanfics is hard. Writing college papers is hard. Coding projects are hard. Exams are hard, and I'm still not done with them. Websites take time to build. Man, I wish days had more than 24 hours. After taking another unexpected "vacation" from this site, I've realized two things have fallen b
  25. Flash drive casualty count: 3. I need to take better care of those things.

    1. Vulcan


      Maybe get one of those super durable ones that are shock and water resistant.

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