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  1. Hey guys, I plan to catch up on mlp guys. 

  2. I haven't watched in a while, but I will catch up most likely. I dunno why I said fluttershy and rainbow dash was a bad ship though. I'm gonna update yall on my new least favorite ships once I catch up
  3. the movie was awesome. Also, the content from here compared to facebook is a step up. facebook is like, ewww. >inb4 someone calls me a retarded faggot for using facebook

  4. what my bros. you already know what the fuck today is, and i later today after the event, i'll give you my opinion about via status and blog


  5. I plan to do my football blog today, sorry for not posting it earlier.

  6. its a good season, i'll put it as my 2nd favorite until i watch the whole thing
  7. Here are the top 25 AP rankings in NCAA football: 1 Alabama (58) 1,522 2-0 1 2 Oklahoma (2) 1,447 2-0 5 3 Clemson (1) 1,380 2-0 3 4 USC 1,324 2-0 6 5 Penn State 1,299 2-0 4 6 Washington 1,124 2-0 7 7 Michigan 1,107 2-0 8 8 Ohio State 1,003 1-1 2 9 Oklahoma State 1,002 2-0 11 10 Wisconsin 993 2-0 9 11 Florida State 944 0-1 10 12 LSU 935 2-0 12 13 Georgia 882 2-0 15 14 Louisville 658 2-0 17 15 Auburn 591 1-1 13 16 Virginia Tech 559 2-0 18 17 Miami (FL) 542 1-0 16 18 Kansas State 475 2-0 19 19 Stanford 364 1-1 14 20 TCU 352 2-0 23 21 Washington State 233 2-0 20 22 USF 188 2-0 21 23 Tennessee 159 2-0 25 24 Florida 146 0-1 22 25 UCLA 119 2-0 NR I might update this later to tell you some stuff and my opinion about the week 3 rankings
  8. I expect it to have the good action like a movie is supposed to have, but have the morals and values of the show. If they did that, the movie will AMAZING BREH
  9. I watched the IT movie last saturday, and it was a great movie.

    1. Kaneki




      lol, the only knowledge I have about It is the review the Nostalgia Critic did on the original.



      I watched both movies, and the 2017 one had better horror elements, but the 1990 one had a better story and emotion by the characters.

  10. oh boo-hoo, he said racist shit, so what? BLM and the KKK do that all the time
  11. Tomagatchi is a good one, and its an offline one too. its about taking care of a tomagatchi. Pou is another good one
  12. Anthony Fantano Temmie Chang Saberspark Ricky Berwick Weest Grounded to the Ground Piemations ShoeOnHead MeetArnold IHE FilmCow pamtri Grandayy Sethical cyranek Meme Alert FlyingKitty bill wurtz nicobbq Vannamelon Hunter1s1k Forest Rain Nin10doultra Assertive Dawn Somewhere Amax Animations The winglet CatFat cs188 Stomedy Finetales JerryRigEverything AnimatedJames Josef Lincoln Bearing Dr Shaym The God of Cringe EmpLemon I know its long, but these are all the under appreciated(imo) youtubers that i'm subbed to. this is most of my subs too. I'm not subbed to a lot of clickbait bullshit and SHOVELWARE.
  13. oh, i just found out that Urban meyer got outcoached by a first year coach. HOW DOES A COACH WITH PLENTY OF EXPERIENCE, LOSE TO A FIRST TIME HEAD COACH, AT YOUR OWN STADIUM? LMAO!
  14. This week of football was a good one, and I'll tell you highlights of my favorite game of the week, and highlights and scores of my favorite teams. I always accept game highlight requests. Another thing I'm gonna do, is post the top 25 college football rankings each week, in a separate entry. So, I'll start doing the highlights of my favorite game of the week Oklahoma Sooners 2-0 (2) @ Ohio State 1-1(8): 31 : 16 Oklahoma This brought the Buckeyes back to earth, as they got destroyed at home. Oklahoma is looking good so far, and they jump to the number 2 spot in the polls. Baker Mayfield was a MONSTER on the field, and made JT Barret look like my old middle schools Quarterback compared to him, i may be a clemson fan, but i tip my hat to oklahoma. I really wanted Ohio state to lose, since all the fans always think they always gonna win. i've heard that the ohio state fanbase is fighting now because of this win now. Baker mayfield had over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns that game. this guy gots what it takes to win the heisman. Oklahoma deserved to stab that horseshoe O with the flag. I only got two things to say about ohio state, URBAN MEYER ACTUALLY COACH FOR ONCE PLEASE, AND HELP YOUR FUCKING 5 YEAR QUARTERBACK FOR GODS SAKE. thats all i have to say about that game, time to go on to my favorite teams. Clemson 2-0 (3) vs Auburn 1-1 (15): 14 : 6 Clemson Offensively, Clemson only got two touchdowns, but they had an amazing defense. 11 times jarret stidham hit the ground by clemsons defense. kelly bryant had 2 touchdowns in the endzone, and the defense reduced the scoring of auburn to 2 field goals. Clemson will be challenged even more this week at lousville by the "heisman winner" lamar jackson, and they need to step up on both sides of the ball, especially on defense. Clemson needs to play a good game this week in order to win at lousvilles turf. New England Patriots VS Kansas City Chiefs: 27 : 42 Chiefs Alex Smith and Kareem Hunt are a good pair, and they did well against the pats. I didn't underestimate this team like most pats fans probably did, but i thought pats were gonna win. Aw well. The Patriots need to focus on their next game against the saints, and try to bounce back. I'll give the chiefs a LOT of credit, and maybe they'll make a deep run in the playoffs this year. I know they have the potential to, Kareem Hunt is probably Pro Bowl caliber. Lets see how next week goes. Pats could easily win next week, but they need to make sure to have a good defense against Tom Brady. I'm not gonna do high school football highlights, unless requested, because theres so many different teams. Cya next week, and expect a top 25 ranking entry this week. Also, heres a question: How do you feel about the top 25 rankings, and who are your predictions for the CFB playoff? My prediction is: 1.Alabama 2.Oklahoma 3.Clemson/Florida State 4.USC Who is your favorite sleeper team this year? Mine is Purdue, they lost at Louisville by a 7 point margin, if they can do that, they could easily go to a good bowl game this year.