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  1. I think this has happened before. Mistakes get made, schedules get revised. The Zap2it listing shows two Saturdays without a new episode (5/6 and 5/13); I have a hunch that the schedule will end up stretched out to fill them, one episode per Saturday. A Sunday premiere makes just about no sense, mainly because most of the kids won't be at home to see it.
  2. Same here, and I just shot you a message about it. Last I heard, the room I'm going to be staying in still has one spot open for all four nights.
  3. Exactly one month after I was born, Richard Nixon resigned as president. I remember designing some bumper sticker mockups for the 1988 campaign (supporting Michael Dukakis) as a civics class project in ninth grade, and I cast my first ballot in 1992 in the fall quarter of my first year at Georgia Tech.
  4. I do a decent bit of private tutoring on evenings and weekends--mostly high school, community college, and college, but I've had the occasional junior high student call me up. I deal in physics, chemistry (both general and organic), and every level of math you care to name from arithmetic to calculus. I've done my share of work by email, and I'm starting to branch out into Skype as well. Anyone interested, shoot me a PM and we can talk about rates and scheduling.
  5. I'm planning to come in on Wednesday, and I'd like to split a room for that night if anybody has one reserved at or near the Hyatt. I'm working on lining up accommodations for myself Thursday through Sunday, so no worries on that end for now. A few bits of information about myself: --Male, 42 years old (practically a dinosaur, I know) --Non-smoker, non-drinker --Relatively quiet sort --Planning on an early start Thursday morning to do some sightseeing I should get into SFO late Wednesday afternoon. EDIT: (1/27/17) Never mind. I've found a place for the nght.
  6. I sent you a PM the other day about this very thing, not realizing that you already had this thread up. If you still have a spot open, I'd be up for taking it. I'm planning to do much the same as last year: all four nights, plus one extra at a different hotel nearby so I can do a little poking around. Side note: the beds are big enough to accommodate two people each. The one in my bedroom is the same size, a double, and can hold two of me easily.
  7. I booked the room for 4/1 through 4/6 (Wednesday through Monday), and I am still thinking seriously about splitting it with someone. The maximum occupancy is four people, but I think I want to keep it down to three so that everyone gets a bit more space. The cost would be $45 per person per night, one-third of the rate I paid (including tax); you would be responsible for your own meals and other food. If you're still interested, we can take this private and talk a bit more. I already have a possible third person lined up.
  8. I run a small engineering/consulting business. Process/equipment design for clients that want to build a new plant or expand/overhaul their existing operations, assistance with other engineering-related matters such as environmental permitting, a little bit of lab testing here and there. I bought the business from my former boss about a year ago and have been trying to get some traction--not an easy thing for what is basically a one-man operation. (Two, if you count my office manager.)
  9. Chemical, twice over (B.S. and Ph.D., both from Georgia Tech), now running my own business and trying to actually make a little money at it.
  10. Every time I've gone to a con (three BronyCons and BABSCon), I've used the day before opening ceremonies to do a little sightseeing. I don't go in for parties much, so this gives me a very handy alternative to chew up a lot of otherwise-free time and see a few things I might otherwise miss.
  11. I just booked one of those rooms for five nights and got the $115 rate all the way through. Now to see if I can find someone to split it with me.
  12. The system at this year's BronyCon was set up very much like that. You bought your vouchers at a counter outside the autograph room, then moved to a line of people waiting to get inside. Once you got in, the staff would check which autographs you wanted and route you into the line for one of the tables. They were fairly good about sending people into the shortest lines first. I don't know how well that arrangement would work here, as the autograph room at BronyCon was maybe twice the size of the one at BABSCon; there was more space inside to get people lined up. I do remember getting stuck in that one monster line on Saturday, and only being able to skip ahead when the staff called for people who wanted autographs from guests other than Tara and Ashleigh.
  13. Have the organizers given any thought to setting up blocks of rooms at hotels other than the Hyatt? The Holiday Inn Express just down the road served me well, and the parking, breakfast, and Wi-Fi were all free.
  14. There was a counter next to the registration desk that sold vouchers throughout the weekend. I made a couple of trips up there to reload after using up the stack I bought in the autograph line on Friday. I can attest to the high demand for Tara's autograph, having seen the lines at BronyCon two summers ago. I believe this is the first con she's attended since LPU, and I'm not surprised at her reluctance to sign on and/or work on any basis other than cash. The length of the lines on Saturday and Sunday was due to two causes: the demand for autographs from Tara and Ashleigh, and the fact that they weren't present on Friday. Having several tables in a fairly small room didn't do any favors for the acoustics in there, particularly for the people who wanted to talk with the guests a bit. Suggestions for next year: have fewer guests signing at a time and/or move the sessions to a larger room. As for the fees, that's primarily between the guest, their manager/agent, and the con organizers. Voice actors have bills to pay like everyone else, and fees from con appearances and autographs can make up a decent part of their yearly income. I'm not sure if this would have been allowed at BABSCon, but at the two BronyCons I've attended, people could go through the lines and just say hello to the guests if they wanted to, without having to pay for an autograph. Myself, I went in for all the ink I could get, and I carried along a load of small gifts to give to the guests as a way of thanking them for what they've done. You'd be surprised how far something like this can go in brightening someone's day.
  15. To quote the Isley Brothers: "It's your thing, do what you want to do I can't tell you who to sock it to" I've come away with signatures on DVDs, comic books, my BronyCon 2012 badge, a pocket sketchbook I've used for having commissions done, a Princess Celestia print, two Michelle Creber CDs, and a couple of my journals. (I had particular fun with this last at BronyCon 2012, having glued a Powerpuff Girls Christmas ornament inside the front cover. If I remember correctly, Tara Strong's jaw almost hit the floor when she saw it, and Lauren Faust was very much surprised by it as well.) After the fact, I acquired a couple of signed publicity photos and a card from Amy Keating Rogers The way I see it, if it makes sense to you, if you don't mind carrying it around, if it'll hold the ink, and if it's not something that'll creep out the person with the pen, it's fair game.