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  1. Just a week left till new pony! So close! :D

  2. Such a great story Mesme, this short little story is sooooooo cute <3
  3. Wow, already three months into 2017!

  4. Hehe, here's to another year of MLP Forums! Also, this is a very old piece of artwork, 2014 or something. I really need to draw my own...
  5. Might participate in this secret santa event, just hoping that I can get enough money by next week XP

  6. Awesome! Can't wait to use it Just a thing, the link itself is broken. Also, I the repo doesn't exist on GitHub apparently. >.<
  7. Came back home last night! Wow, it was an amazing three days. Got to chat with an astronaut and see many cool advances that I didn't know about in my local unis :D

  8. Going to the South Australian Space School later today! For a three day camp south of the city! So hype for it! Worked hard to get here.... Hope the weather holds here ->-

    1. SFyr


      That's so awesome! :D I hope you have a blast; you definitely earned it. :P

    2. Treble Sketch

      Treble Sketch

      Thanks :)

      I sure did have a blast :D

    3. SFyr


      Great to hear! :D Welcome back!

  9. Life is a ride; some parts you enjoy, other parts you don't. All it matters is just that you are along for the ride and are greateful for it.

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    2. Treble Sketch

      Treble Sketch

      Hey Cosmic, how are you?

    3. CosmicSpark


      I am ok, kinda miss you, how are you?

    4. Treble Sketch

      Treble Sketch

      Busy with life, coding for games, drawing more art, and paving my way to uni.

      Of which I now know what course I'm doing to do :D

  10. Updated my profile pic, this is a badge design made by Phin Pie (https://twitter.com/phin_pie)

    1. Deae Rising Shine~
    2. Treble Sketch

      Treble Sketch

      Thank Phin Pie for it <3

      Phin's an amazing artist :)

    3. Deae Rising Shine~
  11. Being a Space Enthusiast, I still get users coming to me and ranting on about this... Luckily, there's a "Ban" and/or "Block" button for me to press if they do get really aggressive... But I do watch a Space conspirator YT videos for fun sometimes XD
  12. Woho! Birthday today! A year had passed already?! :o

  13. HAHcon was amazing, especially when I streamed at the end for it <3

    1. Monsoon


      I didn't attend

  14. Tonight is going to be interesting, Australia votes!!! Woho~

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    2. Treble Sketch

      Treble Sketch


    3. A Black Circle

      A Black Circle

      what candidate is like, liberal, but not super liberl

    4. Treble Sketch

      Treble Sketch

      Well... :|

      Not sure on that ^6"

  15. Oh, what a coincidence. I have also been working on an Asteroid theme game too, but not pony related though :| It's for a game programming course I've been doing for the past few months now~ If anyone's interested, I'll chuck the link here too. But just some warning, it's rather random https://github.com/ILM126/AIE-AsteroidsRemake From the screenshots, the game looks like it's coming along nicely. @Nintenboy195 But the download size though... This'll take a while. What engine are you using?
  16. Yeah, I've tried looking a while back and couldn't find any :\ So I left it be, because all I've found was some Equestrian flags. And I've been getting back in Unity for some practise runs with code. I am interested in helping out, but I wouldn't be able to use Skype ;n; I prefer Discord~ I would love to gallop around the surface of the Mun as a pony, collecting science, and hopping about
  17. Boop! Game Pre-Alpha Release 2 soon! https://github.com/ILM126/AIE-AsteroidsRemake/releases

    1. Bojo


      Holy crap! This looks promising. Im so trying this!!!

    2. Bojo


      Trebs! It might be me, but I couldn't play it: An unhandled Microsoft .NET Framework exception occured in TrebleSketch-AIE-Asteroids.exe [6712] Hope this is helpful somehow! Also, noice Lyra on the ReadME.txt file

  18. Updated profile pic to fit with most of my other accounts, since this is how I feel... With me programming for most of my two week school holiday, ending this morning :| (Should sleep now.. almost 2am >.>)

  19. Uhhh, been offline for far too long. Life has been so busy... Now I've also got a game programming to complete over the school holidays... >.<

    1. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      Hey Treble. :)


      *Lamiahug* Try to not overwork yourself. <3

    2. Treble Sketch

      Treble Sketch

      *hugs back*

      Yeah, I'll try not to :P


    3. Deae Rising Shine~
  20. My, my, still April Fools Day for some people :3

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