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  1. Glike

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I fed a horse back in 9th grade. I haven't done so since. What's the worst thing to wake up to?
  2. Glike

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Purple. A nice deep purple. It's soothing and pleasant to the eye. What's on the top of your bucket list?
  3. My goodness. It's been a year since I stopped coming around here? I feel like the worst. ;n;

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    2. Snow


      well, welcome back :P

    3. Trottermare Galamane

      Trottermare Galamane

      Iv'e only been gone two days and I have 80 odd messages ¦S

    4. Trottermare Galamane

      Trottermare Galamane

      Also I do kind of remember you?

  4. Glike

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Black Gryph0n. I know he's an obvious choice and all, but that's for a good reason. He has talent. If your house was suddenly swarmed with zombies at this very instant, how many do you think you could take out before succumbing to the sheer numbers?
  5. "Nopony has the right to tell these ponies what to think...Just because you like your food a certain way, there is no reason to tell these ponies that they need to do the same" Hmm, it's almost like the staff is trying to tell people not to fight so much just because another may person may like/dislike this season, or even more so just because some people are for Starlight's reformation and some against (I ak aware this episode was written wa before these became hot topics ). Everyone has different tastes, so while some reasons for someone's dislike may be justified for that person, anoth
  6. Glike

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Uh, I'm not sure if she's a background character or minor character now, given her prominent appearance in Amending Fences, but I have to go with Minuette. Is Minuette a background character or a minor one? Or is she both?
  7. Do you guys ever have one of those days where you put a lot of work into something, and you're really feeling it. You're putting in maximum effort using all the knowledge you have to make something shine, and you feel you did a pretty darn good job; only to have someone look it over and tell you it seems like you held back and that it seemed like you didn't even want to do it in the first place? Well, that just happened to me right now. It's a terrible feeling, and I know I ca...

  8. Glike

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I'm very excited for Suicide Squad, so probably that one! Between your favorite pony and least favorite pony, who would make the worst roommate?
  9. Glike

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Ooh, that's a tough question. I'm never one to stick to one favorite for too long when it comes to almost anything. Right now at this moment, however, I'm inclined to say Lilo & Stitch. I'm full of nostalgia for that movie, and it's got everything from humor to feels. It's great. :3 How long do you think you can survive an attack by the princesses if they thought you were a true threat to Equestria?
  10. Wow I feel most people's qualms with Zeph are justified, there is one issue that people have commonly had that I have an issue with: the end. More specifically, Zephyr asking to stay with his parents. I think a lot of people just passed it off as an poor joke on his part or even a lack of effort to change. Realistically, what other option did he have? We already know he had no home, and as long as he doesn't try to change up the house this time or sit around and do nothing, I don't see a problem. If he goes back to making zero effort, then sure, send him packing, but as long as he's legit
  11. I doubt they'd just shove her aside. Even if may not be an incredibly large role, I'm sure she'll be in the movie at some point. She's basically Equestria Girls' Twilight (even more so than Sci Twi). Then again, just as in the show not all Mane Six are in every episode together as a group, there may be some times where the Mane Six/Five(?) of the human world just want to hang out with each other. Sunset doesn't have to be part of every activity they plan. That being said, even if Sunset doesn't appear, it's no loss for me personally. I'm very tired of her and how she's just a plot device t
  12. Glike

    Zephyr Breeze Fan Club

    I have a really long post with my thoughts in the episode discussion thread, so I won't really go too in-depth here, but.. He definitely deserves my praise here as a character. First of all, his voice actor did an amazing job! Secondly, a lot of his troubles seemed real, it's frightening actually. Almost doesn't seem like the problem fits in Equestria. (It obviously does, though. And it made lifestyle lin Equestria look so much more real and complex). And honestly, I don't think he was that obnoxious. I'd definitely say Season 1 Pinkie or even Discord would be way more annoying in person.
  13. On the fourth watch, wow; Zephyr is just... absolutely pathetic and pitiful. He's almost like a male Trixie. He has a huge ego, and he doesn't have a real home of his own and is in many aspects a complete failure. However, where Trixie has drive and believes in her talent, Zephyr has no self-esteem. On the outside, he's completely different from Fluttershy in terms of personality, but inside he also suffers from a lack of self-confidence. Although, Fluttershy has definitely overcome that hurdle over the seasons. I won't argue against Zephyr being a tool, he was manipulative and laz
  14. Yeah, this was another great episode. It was a bit, frightening and odd how much I related to Zephyr. Minus the manipulation and annoyingness, I can relate to the fear of failure. And honestly, this episode made that apparent to me. I pass up a lot of opportunities and don't often take even the first step because I'm afraid it won't pay off in the end and I would have given my all for nothing. I actually feel a bit guilty because of it now, but that's a new one. I can't recall MLP ever making me feel guilt before, but they did it in a good, eye-opening way. And the song was awesome
  15. I'm only 7 minutes into the ep, but I wanna say: I freaking love Fluttershy so far. You can actually really see all the progress she's made over the seasons! She's like an entirely different pony. She's not afraid to show her emotions, she immediately goes to stand up to her brother, and you can just see that she's not having it. You can still see some of the old Flutters in her, but she has a new bold, and confident personality. I LOVE it. I'll come back with an update on how I feel about this episode after I finish it. But I'm loving it so far!
  16. Many of our beloved characters in the show have very clear and evident character flaws. Twilight has flaws, Starlight has flaws, Spike has flaws, Luna has flaws; even Big Mac has flaws! But what about Princess Celestia? So far, she's been presented to us as a wise, noble and well-liked princess of Equestria. She's nearly perfect, in terms of character. What do you think some of her flaws are, and how would you like to see the show bring light to those flaws? I'm not talking about minor ones such as her enjoyment of excitement and unpredictableness, I'm talking about real flaws that
  17. Glike

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I have. It's amazing! It's gotten a bad rep recently because of the fanbase, but that shouldn't detract from the game at all! What's your favorite dream you remember having?
  18. Man, I have to say; I just finished rewatching this episode for probably the 15th/16th time (and I swear I'm not exaggerating, I've watched it so often) and it's still a really fun episode this many times in! The pacing, the almost sitcom-like format (with the cutaways to the interview and whatnot), the great characterizations, the references and humor, and the payoff (I really liked the looks and design of the boutique at the end. It's a place I could definitely see the appeal to if it existed in real life) all help to really make the episode shine, I think. I mean, I just can't belie
  19. I don't know, I've seen a lot more discussion about Fluttershy being a weak, underdeveloped character on these forums compared to Spike lately. A lot of people actually have really been enjoying Spike this season (myself included). She's definitely been getting a lot of (deserved) flak here.
  20. I love em both, but typically Twilight's episodes fall back onto her "neurotic, list-loving no street smarts" personality way too often. Pinkie has a lot more variety in her episodes, so I'll have to give the slight edge to Pinkie.
  21. Glike

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Dark Horse @@Stardust Balance "Oooh, good choice," sighed Serena as her new friend walked over to their table of choice. "But now I have to choose a treat for myself. Should I go with a cupcake, or a slice of pie, or a banana split?" she pondered. Serena walked up and down and the shop, looking for the perfect dessert to satisfy her sweet tooth. "I can't deci-i-i-ide!" she cried out. "Hmm... Alright, got it!" Once again Serena walked up and down the shop, but this time she spoke as she walked, "Eeny.. meeny.. minie.. mo. Catch a Manticore by its toe. If he hollers, let it go. My
  22. Season 1, anyone? This felt like an honest-to-goodness Season 1 episode, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed the simplicity of it, but it's definitely the weakest ep of Season 6 for me. That being said, I do like the insight we got into some of the characters, as well as a decent role for the spa ponies. We learned a lot more about Applejack along with the farm, and we even got to see her irrigation system, which was pretty darn cool. I was able to relate a bit. You ever have to go out and enjoy yourself while there's an unresolved problem eating away at you? For
  23. Surprisingly.. AJ. I'm not much of an Applejack fan, she's probably my least favorite Mane Six member (which isn't a bad thing, because I love them all, she's just the least of the best so to speak), but her line delivery and reactions were on point this episode. From her hoofbump with Rainbow to her praise of Plaid's spoon clothes idea.. she was hilarious! And I don't know what, but something about her line delivery of "oh no?" while speaking to Plaid was so on point and it just felt like such a real line. This was a hard choice because they all had their moments, but I genuinely enjoyed
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