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Everything posted by minezach1

  1. I'm sick and freaking tired of stereotypes ruining our society. A stereotype for me is because I'm white I'm rich but that's not true because my family barely makes enough to support our family of 7.

  2. Why do my parents hate me so much?

  3. Why is it that 85% of the upperclassmen and 40% of the freshmen bully me even the ones I thought were my friends

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    2. Miles


      *If you're lucky, that first hit/kick might just be enough to ward them off.

    3. minezach1


      Or kill them

    4. minezach1
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  4. Is it weird that every day I wake up I'm scared my dad may be dead?

  5. Why couldn't rock island high school be more like canterlot high from equestria girls.

    1. Itsy Bitsy Alex

      Itsy Bitsy Alex

      Because fate has been cruel and order unkind.

    2. minezach1


      Yup probably

  6. Sometimes I wish my life were just a dream and one day I'd wake up an find myself in a world full of colorful ponies....... Now is one of those times

  7. I think I'm watching too many People from England on YouTube

  8. Bye guys gonna go read some a FOE

  9. How many people are even on this site?

  10. TO THE OTTER!!!

  11. I'm sooooo boooooooored.

  12. buy everybody til later. wont be able to do comments on status' but can pm

  13. if you combine the personalities of twilight, applejack, fluttershy, then turn it into a guy you have me................ :|

    1. Miles


      NO WAY... Seriously, no joke, I'm the same way. Smart, country, and introverted. (plus a little bit of 'badass mofo' but who's counting?)

  14. Bye everbody

    1. Spreelly


      later come back soon :)

  15. i dont want to set the world on fiiiiiiiire, i just want to start a flame in your heart. in my heart i have but one desiiire and that one is youuu no other will doooooooooooo.


    1. Spreelly
    2. Miles


      you should check out Rabies Bun on youtube...

      Here is something to get you started:

      and this, too:


  18. ho do i give brohoofs?

    1. minezach1


      thanks you two

    2. TheDarkMysteryMan


      And if you're using the mobile theme, click the circle to the right of the post you want to Brohoof.

    3. minezach1


      oh. do you know how to update your status on the mobile version. because i use it more often than i use the pc version

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  19. Marching band..........................

    1. Spreelly


      that is a thing i can agree with you on :3

    2. Miles


      YES! I miss band so much. I played trumpet from 5th thru 12th grade. But I didn't do band in college, as it just wouldn't be the same. I go to UIS in Springfield, IL, and while their band /is/ good, it's still not the same as what my high school band was. GO BAND GEEKS!

    3. minezach1


      i play baritone for my schools marching band it started two weeks ago we practiced from 8am to 11:45am and from 5pm to 9pm. but it was only for the past two weeks where we practiced every day now we are only practicing mondays and wednesdays from 5pm to 9pm

  20. Does anypony know when the season 5 premier is set to come out?r

    1. Twilight The Creator

      Twilight The Creator

      Should be around the time season 5 did, so late November possibly.

    2. Miles


      ^ you meant 4... but refer to what I said above; it's hard telling whether or not they will release it early or not.

    3. Twilight The Creator

      Twilight The Creator

      yeah, that's what I mean. My bad XP

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  21. Rainbow dash and Bernstein

  22. Rainbow dash and Bernstein

  23. I could spend hours on this site

    1. Azure Envy

      Azure Envy

      Way ahead of ya.