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  1. Old friends have left the site and I believe it's close to my time as well. A new path.

  2. I was aware that I've been dealt with rude members and nothing happens. I blame it on leniency and falsely attacking me instead. Also, mentioning me being "semantic" ( which I assume meaning petty) and overly sensitive is the type of uncalled remarks I'm talking about. You say I can't call someone rude, yet it's okay to to neglect the fact that some members are jerks and no mod will ever mention it to them. It's only when someone defends themselves when it's bad. Just because you have a rank doesn't give you powers to call names either and sure, whatever happens - happens. I couldn't care less about my safety here because it's been proven faulty through many events. I could waste my time addressing it but little does that do. Call me what you want in a PM but I doubt it will be seen in places such as here. Confidential safety of authority. My PM's may have been replied to but I wouldn't call them answers. You're welcome for the positive things I've mentioned of the site as well, and the suggestions I've given.
  3. Bleh. I only get on to check messages (none).

  4. I see you like djent. I'm more into tech death myself. ;3

    1. Dewdlz


      Yepper depper!

  5. Dewdlz


    Good band from my childhood. Diamond Eyes is my favorite.
  6. Celestial Flesh is a one-man band from New Jersey USA. The drums are digital while guitars and bass are purely done by Eric Machel. I must say this is quite an elite album of the djent genre (although djent is widely debated whether it's a genre or not). The shredding and syncopated rhythms are unique from most artists and it goes from death-metal-like riffs to really soothing ambient combinations. Good headphones are required to listen to this. My pick from the album is: It has a wild tune in the beginning and progressively gets into different signatures. The length of the song is a plus because it tells a story much better. There's nothing else I can really say about something too good for words. Let the ears decide. Instrumentals tell a story left up to the individual, it's an art for the ears and imagination to unfold. It lets the listener get a clearer understanding of sounds. Vocals are the narrator in the story but not all stories need one. This album reminds me of space, much like the album depicts and the triangulations remind me of mathematical equations for writing polyrhythms. It is a type of math-metal much like most djent. It's difficult to review most songs because my library consists of everything I like. I have so many djent albums, and new ones are always being made. It's an underground genre that I'm glad I found. Off-topic - but oh well.
  7. Much easier to make friends at work. I like what I do too.

  8. Deactivate account button would be nice. No loose ends.

  9. 1 year being here, haven't made a real honest friend yet. Hopeless much.

    1. BoopMan


      you just have to give people a chance.

    2. Dewdlz


      I do. Not that it makes much difference. I don't care for impressing, either they like it or not. There's nothing else I can give at that point. It's just a fad here where others add you for no reason and never speak when spoken to. Kinda tired of that.

  10. Home from work. Putting 50 hours in every week.

  11. This is one of the recent releases I've found to be one of my favorites this year so far. The main reason being the complete turn in the genre, and the many styles it has. It contains mostly clean vocals, which is rare. It's a very unique collection of addicting rhythms, with inspiring and beautiful lyrics. Once again it's difficult to find a full album in video/audio format but here's my pick - they even have a music video of it as well: