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  1. (Wow. 4 days have passed and we're almost done with the page. Moral of the story, never sleep you will miss everything.) "Your right, this is my vacation so I have to relax. Plus there are many people higher up than I am." Pen said. He was enjoying his conversation with his new acquaintance. From what Pen heard ponyville was the type of town where everyone knew each other. It was a welcome change to canterlot where you had to choose a strict allegiance to one "faction" and strictly oppose another. Pen was starting to get excited to finally get to ponyville. He looked out the window to see how far they were. Pen estimated they were about 25 minutes away from ponyville. It was one of the few times where Pen was truly content. He smiled with high hopes for the future.
  2. Pen was surprised at what the pony said. "You've heard of me? Am I that popular?" Pen asked with a shocked voice. Pen knew he had his fair share of popularity, but not around here. "Sorry about that. Just a bit shocked." A short moment of silence came between them. "Well anyway, I do agree that I need some relaxation. But still a diplomats job is never done and I'm worried that when I'm on vacation here a massive conflict would happen with no one to resolve it. What do you think?" Pen asked.
  3. That would make sense. I'll think more about it and give an update soon.
  4. Basically it's that everyone is playing a dungeons and dragons like game and their filling the traditional roles such as mage fighter cleric etc cetera. There will also be a game/dungeon master who will guide the quest. (Will probably be me) What I plan to do is have it that everyone has a separate character to participate in the game. There will be two phases 1. The quest where our oc's ocs will be controlled. Phase 2 will be where our ocs will interact and the quest could be discussed in a out of character way. Obviosly none of this is concrete, and considering how I treat other projects similar to this I will probably abandon this within a week. But hey at least it will be fun for now.
  5. My idea is that the ocs involved are playing a dungeons and dragons like game where they each have their own character. So basically your controlling 2 characters. There will be in-game and out-game sections so you can develop both characters. Obviously this is a vague idea that I might develop in more detail, but I would like to know what you all think of it.
  6. "I'm doing well if that's what your implying. I'm Powerful Pen, but you can call me Pen." Pen said. "As for going to Ponyville I'm going there for business reasons, well that's what it is officially anyway. It's more of a paid vacation." Pen knew their personalities were incompatible, but still Twilight became friends with ponies Pen would see incompatible. For example Pinkie Pie who knew such a crazy pony would find herself friends with the booksmart Twilight. Perhaps this new acquaintance would become a good friend in the future.
  7. "Umm ok." Pen responded. He was a bit annoyed, what right did he have to disturb him. He was perfectly fine Well he was a bit bored, perhaps someone to talk to wouldn't be that bad. "So where are you going tonight?" Pen asked trying his hardest to hide his social awkwardness. "I'm traveling to Ponyville." (Still using a mobile device so can't do anything special like changing font color and style for speech. Also I don't know all the cool tricks used in forums like the @username thing.)
  8. Well I just posted my first post and this Rp is probably going to be a lot of fun! Although my first post looks like a giant wall of text it was fun to write an inner monologue/intro. I hope this Rp goes on for a while!
  9. Powerful Pen sat bored on his train ride to Ponyville. He dreaded public transport, it got rid of the childlike sense of exploration while traveling from landmark to landmark. It was times like this where he missed his little caravan the most. Powerful Pen shook his head, he shouldn't be thinking about work now it was time to relax. It was obvious that the non-stop meetings and negotiations were making him fatigued, so it was almost expected that Celestia instructed him to take some time off from being a diplomat. She suggested that Powerful Pen go to Ponyville to spend some time away from the city life of Canterlot. But why Ponyville? Powerful Pen asked himself. The first answer was that Twilight Sparkle lived there. Powerful Pen had met her before and they could carry a conversation but they weren't that good friends, calling them friends was even a massive overstatement. Powerful Pen sighed in a mix of sorrow and envy. Twilight not only was given every title possible by Celestia but was also basically given her ideal set of friends. Yes he was content with his lifestyle but everyone gets a bit lonely after some time in solitude. He could say some of his travelling companions and fellow diplomats were his friends but he was not sure if they gave him the same title. Perhaps Celestia knew that he was going to find a solid group of friends here of all places. Powerful Pen shook his head, he was being optimistic, one of the first lessons he learnt as a diplomat was that being optimistic might end an otherwise inevitable deal. Ponyville began to appear behind the mountain. Not close enough that it would be a few minute away but not far enough that it was out of sight. A glimmer of hope arose as Powerful Pen started to think that this trip may be better than expected. (Note: this was made using a mobile device so blame all spelling and grammar mistakes on that. And also blame me being too lazy to make any edits.)
  10. Finally got around to making a new name for my OC!
  11. Yeah the name is bad. I decided I will just make the name a temporary placeholder. But if anyone wants to suggest a name that would help me find inspiration. (or just steal the name.)
  12. Here is my OC His name is planned of being temporary until I find a better one. Or I can just keep it the same. I haven't really decided. Also most of the posts I will be making are going to be made from a mobile device so spelling errors will be somewhat common.
  13. This seems like something I would like to join. I'll post my oc once I get around to making him. Also around what season is the role play in. Considering my ocs planned occupation that information may help.