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  1. Jarl of the howl. -OR- Super Kami "Kick its ass" Guru Actually, I could probably already accomplish this. Tell everyone that my name is one of the mentioned above and just refuse to be acknowledged by anything else.
  2. And here it is on fimfiction. I'm new to that site and a friend of mine had to show me how to navigate it.
  3. Admitting that you watch MLP makes a statement. You know if a full grown man tells you that he watches cartoon ponies he isn't afraid of anything.
  4. well, personally I'd want something to protect me from the elements. As a human i don't have the luxury of a fur coat to protect me. If rarity wanted to make me some new threads she wouldn't have to twist my arm but i still wouldn't feel right just taking something. Although i might just take a page from gummy's book.
  5. This is a story based off of a table top role playing game my friends and i played a few years back. I've been meaning to write it down but am just now getting around to it. I've stuck on a wicked bad writers block lately so i'm trying to blow the dust off of the cogs and get things moving again. The basic idea is that in an alternate universe the dragonborn was killed and unable to stop Alduin from destroying the world so a group of mages rallied together to find another solution. Rough drafts have been sitting in my laptop for awhile and i decided to take a crack at actually writing it into a story. It involves a lot of Elder Scrolls OC's and a couple of MLP OC's. It takes place after season 1 but before season 2. I hope you enjoy it.
  6. I prefer tea. If you have never had loose leaf tea I strongly recommend it over tea bags. Irish Breakfast is my favorite and gunpowder green tea is delicious as well. Sigh. Now I am off to make myself a cup of tea.
  7. Wax Fang's Majestic. I heard the song last week on American Dad and it's been in and out of my head ever since.
  8. I mainly lean more towards classic and alternative rock but really I'll listen to anything as long as i like it. Don't care that much for country or rap but i can't say that i hate it because there are a few songs i actually do enjoy. (I like Dan Bull and MC Chris for example but i don't know if that counts as "rap".) My favorite bands are My Chemical Romance, The Mountain Goats, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Voltaire, and Harley Poe. Comedy wise I also listen to Weird Al (Loved that episode) Stephen Lynch, Ninja Sex Party and Star Bomb. A few days ago i heard the song Majestic by Wax Fang and haven't been able to get it out of my head since.
  9. Most of my friends are bronies. It started off with just one friend but like an infectious plague, it swept through our circle and soon most of us were infected. Smiles are contagious after all. Explaining my love of ponies to my family was a little harder. I told them what i'll tell everyone else who asks; it's a well written show with lovable characters, catchy music, sincere heartfelt moments of friendship, Q from star trek and it reminds me of cartoons from when i was a kid, cartoons that had a morale and taught you something, not random stupid humor and not-so-subtle homoerotic undertones. I am not ashamed of the things i love and ponies are no exception.
  10. Couldn't it be possible, nay, probable that Twilight Sparkle is anal enough to keep her planner divided into hourly slots instead of daily slots? So each blank spot on the page is what she has planned for that hour not that day?