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  1. Then prepare a hardcore beginning, because we will have a good time!
  2. Oh my god, she is so lovely! I never heard of her before, and it's a big coincidence she has Lemon in her name! I'll draw a picture of her tomorrow!
  3. I'd love to enter. Link of Lemon Slices. in the sig. He doesn't have any powers, but I think that's good for the plot.
  4. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    @, Raphael stroked his hair. Everything was too strange and new, but he should act normally. "Who are you...?" She sighed, and smiled at him, looking to be humble at his presence to gain his trust. She wouldn't know what kind of trump card they would have. Also, she doesn't like showing herself so arrogantly. "My name is... Celestia." "Are you a Princess, like... Twilight? Sorry if I forgot your name, I just think it's Twilight." Twilight smiled. "Correct... About you two, I felt an... An... An explosion of chaos far around here, but I thought it was our Discord doing something. But
  5. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    "NO! Is she some kind of authority? And no, we are no alie- Wait. We are aliens for you, aren't us?", Raphael said, a bit confused, turning to Hammer. "Well, we are the only humans here, Hammer. We are... No, it can't. Are other individual of our species aside of us?", he asked, a bit afraid. He looked to the ground. "Please, say something."
  6. I unfortunately have to drink coke for two days because we forgot to buy mineral water.

  7. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    "Equestria... Ponyville... Canterlot... No, really, I don't know any of those. Actually, they are... Well... I'm confused. We come from... "He looked back, looked at everything around him, and said, "It wouldn't matter. You wouldn't understand. We were from some other type of reality. Our world wouldn't be so beautiful as this... And we wouldn't find a talking horse wandering around either."
  8. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    Raphael laughed at that. Well, he thought about saying that was a weapon and yadda yadda, but probably weapons wouldn't be allowed in that place. Just became quiet. "Wait, relax, Princess, then. A lady is... A very important, well... Forget it. Oh, I wish I had a thesaurus... Actually, if we doesn't look like we died, I think we are in some kind of afterlife. What do you think, Hammer? Oh, and where do you come from, Princess?"
  9. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    "Well... Yeah. I think we are in some kind of dream, perhaps... But everything feels so... Oh, sorry.", as he got back to talking with the horned winged horse before him. Everything on her shocked him. Aside from her being a talking horse, she had a mane dark as a shadow, aside from a purple stripe. She was using a tiara with a lilac glowing stone. Since holding guns could be too offensive in his opinion, he left his Uzies in the ground, and got up, although his muscles were aching as hell. "Hi... What should I call you? Lady... Please, what are actually we doing here?"
  10. Lemon Slices

    Deer in FiM

    You should include a poll here. I agree with the existance of deers, BTW.
  11. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    He opened his eyes. The light could be some kind of hallucination, in his mind. He first thought he was in a kind of safe place, after waking up. "Oh... My head is... Are we in- Whathef***", he said as he opened his eyes, and his face's muscles contracted themselves.. "Listen to me," breath, "Calm really, really down", breath, "and look behind, partner."
  12. My net is so slow I disabled loading images in my browser. Sad life.

  13. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    @, "What?" The sphere got brighter and brighter. A line of light made itself between the two. In the same time, more guards came in. The brightness of the sphere was so intense nobody could see anything. "What kind of flashbang is that?", somebody said. And then bullets started to fire everywhere. "Damn! I can't move! GRRRR! Can you move?", he said, swallowed by the whatever thing was affecting them.
  14. Lemon Slices

    Open The Walls

    Link to OOC: https://mlpforums.com/topic/138089-advanced-rp-the-walls/ Did you mean Pink Floyd's The Wall? Google's suggestion. Darkness. Something was covering his eyes. Trying to say something, his voice was muffled by a gag. However, they forgot Lemon had strong, herbivorous teeth. >chomp< The thing was gone. He knew somepony kidnapped him and tied him, and chose the right words. "Where did you take me?" "He managed to remove it!" Lemon heard some steps, which made his ears twitch, his mouth contracted itself for a couple of millimeters, his eyes widened, although he cou
  15. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    @, He smiled at the mix of adrenaline and humor. "Not yet". He ran into them, performing a trick he called "God's Cut", which consisted of him shooting around him (at an angle) with his Uzi, damaging everything in that angle. Jumped at the corridor and kicked the grenade further, luckily into the chest of one of the guards, exploding, while shooting in the angle. In two seconds, God's Cut damaged seriously the legs of the front guards, and was unloaded. And then he threw his grenade. Afraid of the explosion, they ran the best they could to stumble on the ground. "Bonus!" Rafael said, th
  16. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    Rafael kicked open the door. "K", Raphael said, hidden behind of the door, reloading his Uzi for no reason as well, as he just spent one bullet. His heart was beating as swift as a jaguar's legs, his finger could press the trigger in a mere reflex, and he went as swift as possible to the bottom of the room, ready to plant some seeds at the enemy, when he got the idea. He reached for the mangoes, ready to put in action. What would his partner do?
  17. Oh, my peers @, @@Gloomfury, and @@MarionEtte136, sorry for the delay. Okay, I usually do this to check out if nobody is in vacation or something, because I'll start the RP: Brohoof this post. Well, EnzoAquila is sleeping now. His time zone is the opposite as mine, is it a problem?
  18. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    "Okay.", he said, with a nod, a bit afraid of being watched. He heard some talking, but the sound of the boots while they were walking was giving interference. Raphael than hissed, signaling for a stop. "Oh sh*t, Marco isn't responding", said one of the voices. Raphael was certain that voice wasn't friendly. He has never knew a Marco at the Military, even at the recruits. In his thoughts, "We are close to some clues." Then some voices from the dark side, and some steps, getting louder every second. "Stairs", he said, running to one of the doors and trying to open. "I need a hand. Or a foot",
  19. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    "Well, rolling stones never gather moss... I think that means what I think it means... Forget it", Raphael said with a nod, running after his partner, and giving a headache pill inside the dead man's skull. In other words, he spent a bullet for no reason. As the two jumped the window, there was a gray corridor, with several light lamps and several dark doors. Its end, however, was completely absent of light, as if the last lamps were destroyed or simply turned off. But some pieces of glass on the last piece of illuminated ground gave him the conclusion. "Somebody already shot those lamps there
  20. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    "If I'm not bringing my mangoes, I'm just a clone", Rafael whispered with a bit of humor. Mangoes were a code for grenades, as well as Avocado would be the code for his thick flash-bang. He didn't have a code for shooting weapons, though. However, a grain of disappointment came at his mind when Hammer forgot the code, but "Not that it would matter anyway", he thought. His eye opened wide open when a window three feet high, came into his vision field. The satisfaction about his advantage in the battlefield made him sigh with strength. "Need to control my instincts", Raphael thought. And then w
  21. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    "Why are you asking me stuff? You're the guy who know stuff", he asked back, confused. "Wait, where are the other ones going? What is our mission here? Well, calm down... Let's do whatever we do best, Hammer.", and he started to crawl between the bushes and under the foliage, looking for some weak spot in the building. "Did your weapon got a silencer in your rifle?" Raphael asked seriously, careful in every movement.
  22. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    "Okay then. If we got the area, but DID YOU GOT A F*CKING MAP?! Oh, I think he didn't hear me, let's jump anyway. GIVE ME COVER!" And he gone with him as well. When he got to the ground, his Uzi went out of his vest into the hand into pointing something that was moving. "Yeah, I'm always good. By the way... Oh, his parachute is there, let's see what is going on."
  23. Lemon Slices

    Private 1x1 HIE RP

    Raphael knew he couldn't bring drinks to the mission, but you know... Laws are made to be bypassed. His mouth was smelling beer. But as he got a lot of experience with alcohol, he knew two bottles wouldn't even scratch his mind. "You know I'm always ready, bud." As he looked around, he saw a big dense forest. Raphael didn't pay attention earlier, too busy with his bottle and his box. "Oh man, this makes me remember Amazon... Wow, I think I saw... Oh, it was a deer... Well, we didn't have deers back there..." he said laughing, and thrown the bottle into the same box he brought with him. And c
  24. Let's pick Texas. https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/rafael-silva-souza-r8885 @, I've made two things: A resume, with the schools and jobs he had, and his character database. I somehow sent you the resume, but that doesn't matter at all. Lost work. The link above is the thing.
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