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  1. Not very alive, but the linework is killer. Sweet job, brah.
  2. I wonder what'll happen first: I get kicked out of MLP forums, or I leave of my own accord.

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    2. Steelfire Strings

      Steelfire Strings

      It's not happening any time soon, but if I see any more major idiocy demonstrated on this site, I'll have to go.

      A lot of the people I've encountered on this site are stupid, and I can't enjoy hanging out with fellow Bronies if they're morons.

      Also, I'm not allowed to insult/get into flame wars with people. Which sucks all the more for me, because if I think something you said is idiotic, I'm gonna let ya know.

      But don't worry, I'll spend a m...

    3. platinum_scratch


      *hugs**wispers (stop getting into trouble) in your ear*

    4. Steelfire Strings

      Steelfire Strings





  3. BASS BABAY! YEAH! #BassSwarg
  4. My thoughts: NO! MLP SUCKS! EVERYONE WILL THINK I'M GIRLY AND PERVERTED! RAINBOW DASH IS AMAZING! ^^^^Accurate depictions of my conversion thoughts.
  5. For those of you who saw my bass guitar sketch: I'll post the finished version in a separate thread. For those who didn't, check it out at topic/118703-sketchbook-cover/#3399963

  6. Thanks! The final image should be in color. Gotta go offline so I can learn a song. If you end up commenting on my drawing, I won't be able to respond to your criticism for a while. I've already got the song down well, now I just need to piece it together while using a pick. (To all Three Days Grace fans: The song I'm learning is Never Too Late. You have my permission to fangirl.) *My stingy side* It's a BASS guitar! (I can't help it. Bass guitar is my favorite instrument.)
  7. Since I started like a dick on the forums, all my topics have to be approved. (or is that just the way it goes?) Either way, I got like twenty-five views before it was approved...BOOOOOOM BITCH!

    1. Steelfire Strings

      Steelfire Strings

      Started *acting like a dick.


      My bad! (My inner G. Nazi is telling me to kill myself.)

  8. I forget to add it. It should be there now. Why thank you! It was really hard to make. I've still got to add shading and coloring D:
  9. So, I finally started Art class in my new school. Our first assignment was to draw a cover for our future sketchbook. I'm not quite done, but I drew this. In case you can't read what the words on the side say, it says "BlabidEblAh's SkeDGe." Blabideeblah=My Minecraft username. Skedge=Slang for sketchbook. The capitalized letters=BEADG, the tuning on my bass guitar.
  10. Ugh, I have the same issue. My drawings are okay, but the line work is just.... UGH.